where to place adsense ads for maximum clicks

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where to place adsense ads for maximum clicks

In this post, we discussed where to place adsense ads for maximum clicks. If you use Google Adsense to generate income on your Blog, you probably want to know where to place Adsense ads for better results. Many bloggers believe that positioning Adsense ads above the content and below title works great while others found that they get better results by placing the Adsense ad in the middle of the content.

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Let’s know what Famous Indian Bloggers Think:

Arun Prabhudesai from Trak.in

“If you are looking for more clicks on Adsense units then in my views placing ads in the middle of the content and below the title will work at the most but I personally do not suggest those place as these placing can irritate the visitors. Let me talk about myself, I do not like reading articles which has advertisements in between of content and that is the reason I do not recommend those placing as you may loose your loyal visitors by this. Yaa there is one way if you want to place Adsense ads on those places then you can restrict them to the search engine results so that you do not loose your regular visitors.

Next, my favorite position is top right sidebar as it do not restrict visitors from reading and always comes in notice. I also love to use 728×90 size Adsense ad just beside the logo as this also attract visitors. Moreover if you have good number of regular visitors then placing ads at the bottom of the article can also help you in a better way. Hope it will help you guys.”

Navdeep Singh Rana from Indiaexam.in

Navdeep Singh Rana who is one of the Adsense Experts whose website indiaexam.in does not need any kind of introduction, shared his views on Adsense ads; Where to place and How to place:

“If your blog is getting nice traffic, Google Adsense can help you increase revenue by placing and optimizing your Adsense units. Many publishers place only 3 ads units when they don’t know is that Google allows 3 ad units + 3 link units per page along with 2 search units which corresponds to total 8 ad units on a single page. Make sure to utilize all ad units to maximize revenues. Place link ad units in comment sections, use contrast Colours for your ad units, use bigger ad sizes wherever possible, put ads in categories page and make sure to keep experimenting your ad units placements. Hope it will work for you where to place adsense ads for maximum clicks.”

Ramandeep Singh from Tech Clap

Ramandeep Singh a well known personality in Indian Blogging Community, and Technology Journalism, he is from company ‘ZCC Group‘. Now days his Team is working on his new Android blog theandroidos.com, and his team also developing a project named as “Royal Find” which will be an alternative to Quikr and Olx in future. When we approached him for his views on Placing of Adsense Ads, he expressed his views in following sentences:

“From my experience, before post content and the right sidebar area works better for a blog. If I talk about my blogs and websites then I would like to tell you that in some sites we even tried placement of 728×90 banner ad and also new full banner 970×90 on various websites (all are not blogs, as we are into multiple Online Businesses). 970×90 CPC and overall income is slightly lower than 336×280 and almost equal to 300×250 as far as our test reports showed. It is really sad that 970×90 banner ad is not available for normal accounts but I expect it will be rolled out to small publishers also and that time it will perform better as more advertisers will take part in that. Currently 970×90 also displays 728×90 banner backup ads so you can use 728×90 banner instead.

Visitors don’t like to go down the page but you can’t place all ads below header (I mean above head and fold), due to Heavy ad algorithm. Hence, all ad placements depends on your Site layout, Visitor behaviour and lot more. Please note that I have difference experiences with different things.”

Rohit Langde from Blogsolute

Rohit Langde from Blogsolute another webmaster who does not need any introduction. When we asked him to share a few words on Google Adsense then he told “Hey thanks for considering me”. Let’s read out what he told:

“Just like everyone else, even I think (and experienced also) that Ad unit below Title works best both in terms of RPM and CTR.

My Adsense account manager suggested to put 336×280 unit just below the title but considering the Google Panda updates which says, content should be priority and above the fold.. you simply cannot do that. So, I would recommend 468×60 or 728×90 instead. That solves both problems. Hope it will help you guys”.

Saurabh Saha from TechGyd

Saurabh Saha is a Tech Blogger since 2012, in a very short period he has taken his Adsense revenue to a new level. He earns around $600 per month from Google Adsense only. Let’s see what he says on Where to place Adsense ads for clicks:

“Here I will combine both Where and How to integrate Adsense Ads. First thing I would like to say that try to put a leaderboard 728×90 ads next to logo, its the best.. you can use 468×60 here too but generally 468×60 ads do not have much cpc. 300×250 (left)/468×60(center) above the articles and large rectangle 336×280 below the article (on left side) can produce a good revenue. For sidebar(left/right) use 300×250 ad unit if u r placing ads at the top or middle part of sidebar. For sidebar bottom locations use 120×600 ad units. Text Links get more exposure and clicks if you put them below menu (try to put 728×15 below menu) and use 468×15 ad unit randomly in your content.

To increase CTR you should use these ad units : 728×90, 360×280, 160×600, Section Targeting and for better cpc use 729×90, 300×250,160×600 ad units, both Image/Flash and Text Ads… Link Units and Search Boxes ads are having much lower CPC so choose your place for placing Adsense Ads wisely so that you can generate quite good revenue. Hope it will help everyone about where to place adsense ads for maximum clicks.”

Avi Jit from Sky Hit Blog

Avi Jit is a well known Blogger from Guwahati, India. While talking him we asked him to say few words about Google Adsense and he shared his views which I am going to share with you:

“AdSense is not my primary source of income but still I’ve monetized my blog with AdSense as it works well enough when you place the ads in correct locations and possess a blog that receives good amount of traffic.

Well, I experimented AdSense in my own way for a few days and found out that the ads get more impressions and clicks when they are placed above the fold i.e. before the content. And this is why I’ve put a 468×60 banner ad above the fold in every page to enjoy high CTR.

Again you may ask, why only 1 ad per page? Because, I like those sites that show less ads and provide great content. Every reader want that, right? Does any visitor come to our blog to click on ads? No, They come for the content. And so I’ve only a single ad per page. I don’t say that you should also add 1 but should try to keep it minimal.

I personally feel that AdSense (a good way to make money, no doubt), but works best when you’ve great traffic and possess a blog that targets US locations. The CPC gets higher when you get clicks from US visitors and this in return helps you to make more revenue. So my suggestion to make more revenue with AdSense will be:

–> 1. Keep your blog ad free for first few months and work mainly on driving more traffic. Yes, you can keep 1 ad per page to see the progress.

–> 2. When your blog start getting high traffic, start experimenting yourself to know which ad works best and in which location. It will be great if you experiment it by yourself because blog design and blog niche matters.

–> 3. What now? After getting the best locations fix the ads permanently and enjoy great revenue from your blog.”

Harshit Mehrotra from hrmehrotra.info

Harshit Mehrotra – a Blogger who earns well from Google Adsense, Let’s Know what he says about “Integrating Adsense”:

“You have to be tricky when placing Adsense on your blog because if you place the ads on wrong place you will not get a single penny and if you place it on the right place then it can make you rich. I earn around $500+ every month from Adsense and my best tips is to place the ads between your content so that your genuine readers will love to click on the most relevant ads and the second option is to place ads on sidebar to attract the readers with image ads, rest is depend on your visitors.”

As you can see, there have been many trials, but everyone gets different results. You’ll have to figure it out at yourself by making your own tests. Put the code on the left for a week, observe the results, then move it to the right. Post an ad unit above the content and observe the results if it is placed in the middle.

Do not forget to share your experience with us, we are always hearing you…

Thank you very much each and everyone for being a part of this post and sparing your valuable time from a busy schedule for having words with us and for our visitors.

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I hope you have learned that the best way to where to place adsense ads for maximum clicks.


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