Top Post Penguin SEO Techniques to Stay on Top

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Post Penguin SEO Techniques

in this Post, we discussed Post Penguin SEO Techniques. Google Penguin – the recent algorithm update by Google has shaken the SEO industry badly. Many websites that ranked higher before the Penguin update lost their rankings, and need to work again to rank well. Google announced the update with an aim to put an end to black hat SEO techniques. Also to enhance the quality of search engine result pages. This updates aim was primarily to target sites with unnatural links and penalize them. Sites with links all over their webpages, links on blog comment section, keyword stuffing, and links bought or exchanged from link farms saw a drop in their ranking post penguin.

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Google regularly changes/updates its algorithm for what they believe for better search results. Fortunately, Google provides feedback for websites that feel they have been wrongly targeted by the Penguin Update. A thorough strategy by professional SEO company can help deal with these updates and avoid loss of rankings as a result of these updates. Websites can thrive in this constantly changing Google updates by adopting appropriate optimization techniques.

First, if you are a site affected by penguin update then remove all the unnatural and faulty links to recover.

Fix all crawl errors including html suggestions such as duplicate titles, meta descriptions etc. to improve your ranking.

Now, here are top post penguin SEO techniques to stay on top of the search industry.

  • Get more into social networking sites, as well as bookmarking sites.
  • Have a dynamic sitemap.
  • Use non-keyword anchor links such as click here read more and so on.
  • Reduce on page keyword stuffing in title and description.
  • Get back links for top 10 pages or blogs.
  • Get links from more authority sites.
  • Use branded keywords rather than non-branded ones to improve ranking.
  • Update homepage content on a daily basis with new posts or customer reviews.
  • If you already don’t have, then include a blog or articles section as a sub directory.
  • Create better and more detailed product pages, replace the site with high quality articles and, have those re-indexed by the Search engines.

The unethical promotion of websites to rank it high by placing unrelated keywords, stuffing keywords or buying links from link farms, etc, is now a thing of the past. With the penguin update, Google has come up with an enhanced and a stricter tool to keep away negative SEO practitioners. Google now gives value to only websites that adhere to moral SEO methods. Natural SEO is the key to drive more traffic, improve visibility, and eventually get more business.

SEO is not dead, rather it has taken a whole new meaning with the penguin update. Google now favors websites that focus on quality and perfection rather than websites that merely do aggressive website promotion. Now it is difficult to manipulate Google algorithms to get top ranking. Websites now need to take a cautious approach of making it a more search engine friendly.

I hope you have learned the best way to use Post Penguin SEO Techniques.


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