The Dilemma Facebook Marketing

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Dilemma Facebook Marketing

In this post, we discussed Dilemma Facebook Marketing. Facebook marketing has the potential to greatly impact the operations of a business; it can make a business achieved global audience for the goods and services it is marketing. It has a global user-base of over 800 million and half of them log in to their accounts on a daily basis. The number of Facebook users is on the rise, with each and every day new accounts being created. It has therefore become a great marketing tool and medium, with the ability of immensely improving the competitiveness and viability of the businesses and organizations that use it for marketing. Owing to its enormous popularity, Facebook is one of the easiest and best options for business owners and managers to implement marketing campaigns to specific niches with pinpoint accuracy. However, one needs to properly set out his/her goals and objectives before he/she can reap benefits from Facebook marketing.

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Dilemma Facebook Marketing

Whether to pay or not

Business owners and managers often wonder- why pay so that my posts are seen by users who are my followers on Facebook? The assumption is: if a user has liked my business’s page, he/she should always be able to see my posts on their news feed. But in reality that is not the case or is rarely the case. Believing that your followers would be able to see all your posts is assuming that the users spend all of their time awake checking news feeds on Facebook. A follower of yours will only be able to see your post if it happens that he/she was looking at his/her newsfeed when you made your post. But then, that is not a guarantee that he/she will see it as his/her news feed maybe swamped by other posts, some of which he/she has particular interest in thus ignoring all other posts on the newsfeed. So prompted posts increase a business’s chances of being seen on users’ newsfeeds, and they also have the added advantage of reaching friends of the business’ followers. However, businesses with very loyal customers can achieve a lot in terms of marketing by just utilizing the free posts on Facebook.

Marketing goals

Businesses always wonder whether advertisements on Facebook will achieve their intended objectives. Often business ads on Facebook get lumped with other invasive and nuisance messages that put off users, therefore reducing the reach of the ads. Facebook marketing is expensive for the niche markets as it is at per with demographic and general ad campaigns, so if a business won’t be able to achieve the goals for placing ads on Facebook, they better keep off. Another issue is that Facebook is a social medium and it has not yet developed into a marketing platform that would elicit a desirable response from a business’ target niche. Most users log in to Facebook only for socializing and are rarely concerned with finding solutions to their concerns and problems on it. Therefore, businesses need to take extra care and caution that their advertisement money does not go to waste.

Author Bio: Facebook marketing offers a lot of benefits to businesses, but business owners need to take care of the tricks and precautions of Facebook marketing.

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