On Page Optimization tutorial for Beginners

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On-Page Optimization tutorial for Beginners

On Page Optimization tutorial for Beginners

In this post, we discussed the On Page Optimization tutorial for Beginners. It’s an important part of SEO. In this part your web page need some modification. Before starting work on this line, we have to know about On-Page SEO first.

It’ll be more easy and helpful if we have the basic knowledge about On Page Optimization. Let’s see which parts are included with On-Page SEO

1. Keyword Research Analysis

2. Competition Analysis

3. Image Optimization

4. Content Optimization

5. Metatarsi Optimization

6. W3C Validation

7. Website Structure Optimization-

8. Site Map Creation

9. Robots.txt Creation

10. RSS Feeds Creation

11. Google Tools Setup

12. Website Analysis

These parts are very important for starting SEO. If you can complete these part properly, the On-page SEO for your site should be more strong. Let me explain all of these parts

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Keyword research Analysis

Keywords are the pillar of SEO. If you can find best keywords and chose perfect keywords for your site, the chance of getting more and more visitors will be increase. If you want to find out best and perfect keywords for your site, you’ve to research keyword. There’re three types of keywords. They are high competition, medium Competition and low competition. You can choose medium competition for starting. Cause you can’t get good result on high competition keywords if your site is new. For that reason you have to increase your site’s activity first. Remember that traffics from search engine will be depending on your site’s keywords. So, research properly before insert keywords into web page. You can use Google Keywords tool for research keywords perfectly.

Competition Analysis

I already told you that there are three types competition. And medium competition should be best selection for starting. Now, the question is how to find out the best medium competition’s keyword. It’s totally depending on you. My suggest is, if your site is new and not old than 5month, you should select keywords between 1,00,000-2,000,00 search per month. It’ll help you to get output ASAP.

Image Optimization

Image optimization means insert tags or title in the image’s description or title. Rename the images of your posts by matching with keywords or content title. It’ll give you extra facility to get good output in On-Page SEO and increase rank in Google/yahoo or other search engine sites.

Content Optimization

Content is the king. Your content should be full fill with keywords, images and tags. The most important thing is unique content. If you can write unique content with perfect keywords, images and tags, your site will gain extra power in SEO ranking. Images of contents should not be collected or copied from other websites which are copyrighted. So, try to insert images which are modified by you or use your own copyrighted images.

I hope you have gotten the best knowledge about the On Page Optimization tutorial for Beginners. No more for today. See you on next part. Hope this part will be helpful for beginners. I will explain more in the next part. Stay close.


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