5 reasons which are not good for SEO

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reasons which are not good for SEO

In this post we discussed about reasons which are not good for SEO. Today I am going to show you 5 reasons which are not good for SEO, which are not useful or good for blogging. You know that SEO is the main target for all blogger who wants to earn by blogging.

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1.    Too many back links: Some bloggers think that creating back links is the main key of SEO but reality is too many back link can damage the SEO of any blog site because some most of search engine does not allow back links of unrelated topics. From unrelated sites. And if you create 10-30 back links per day, your site can be kicked by search engine by Google, yahoo or Bing.

2.    No posts in a week: You have to post daily minimum 3 or more articles in your blog or your site will not receive good output for the SEO what you have done. Because Google index active sites like which are posting daily in their blogs.

3.    Put more than 3links in post: Don’t put 3 or more links in your article. Some bloggers think that inputting too many source links in the article is good for SEO. Try to use anchor text if you want to put 1-3links in your article.

4.    Unrelated directories: So many people submit their site in too many directories. But you don’t have to submit your blog at too many directories. Only submit in these directories which are related with your blog. I mean the topic or category.

5.    Copy paste content: Never Copy paste content from other site. Try to write something unique. Research on the topic or keyword first and start writing. Copy paste is too much harmful for SEO. Google and other search engines doesn’t allow copy paste.

I hope you have gotten the best knowledge about reasons which are not good for SEO in the best way


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