Empower Network to Make Money Online – A Review

Empower Network is an online community that is aimed at helping members make money online. Information products are offered to help you generate residual income, as well as marketing training to increase your chances of success.

By joining Empower Network, you stand a chance to make as much money as you want, depending on how much effort you put in. The business model makes it easy to earn commission.

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Basically, by utilizing the products offered, as well as the marketing tools, systems, it becomes easy for you to navigate through the hurdles and pitfalls that home business owners have to contend with when they are starting off. The affiliate program offered by Empower Network guarantees you 100% commission, with $24M already being paid out to owners.

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How Much To Get Started with Empower Network?

To join the network, you need a monthly membership fee of $25, and an additional $19.95 if you wish to become an affiliate. But this only gets you the basic blog. Inner Circle membership is recommended, which costs an additional $100. The cumulative amount is indeed very significant.

Can you succeed with Empower Network?

The possibility of success exists, but it will require much effort and dedication from your part. For a savvy blogger who is proficient in marketing, the take home is usually handsome. But for someone who is just getting started, the learning curve might be steep, and it might take a while before the big money starts coming in.  With the regular webinars, trainings, hangouts and expert advice offered, however, you are adequately prepared to build a big business for yourself.


Empower Network has attracted praise and criticism in equal measure. Some people argue that the entire thing is prohibitively expensive. The monthly fees are high, and they are exclusive of any products. Additionally, you need other purchases to make any real money, and they cost you a cumulative $6000!

Truth is, you can achieve blogging and internet success if you put all the tried and tested methods into practice. Empower Network, to many, is simply flawed, and lacks any attributes to make it a worthy investment for those who are struggling to establish a business online.

So, you if you are searching for ways to earn money online, you can go with Empower Network. However, it is completely your choice as you have to spend some good cash to work with it.

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