A successful website needs link popularity – Its proved

Connecting your site to other websites is one of the most common ways to get noticed on Internet. However there has been a misuse of this technique to create “link farms” but if you are a webmaster and use link exchanges in the right way, you can get better results with this technique and see a lot more traffic on your site.


When you use this links technique correctly, you can create a significant presence on the Internet. Once you have links pointing to your website, you will notice better rankings in engines and a larger search traffic to your site.

–> The basic method for exchanging links is simple one to one exchange. You contact another website owner and offer to place their link on your site to the condition that he puts your link on his website. You must do this with a website that has related content to your site.

–> Another common way to build links is to pay for incoming links from highly ranked websites. This is an effective method, but the payment can be recurring on a monthly basis.

–> Work on article marketing to build links. Article marketing is simply writing articles related to your niche and submit them to other websites, mainly article directories. In each article you submit you include a link to your website. Readers love to know more about the subject for which they research and if you provide good information in your articles, readers will click on your link and visit your website.

–> Join an online forum related to your niche and become a contributor, post messages and comments regularly. Create your signature to include a link to your website hence whenever you post on the forum, you will get another link to your site. If your comments are interesting and informative then other forum members will definitely click on the link in your signature and visit your website.

–> Start a blog, use RSS feeds and submit it to search engines and RSS directories. This will bring additional internet coverage. Post new content to your blog regularly to increase its ranking and visibility.

–> To increase traffic on your website you must be willing to put the time and make the effort. You can also pay for Adwords advertising to promote your website. If you can afford to pay for these services, your site will be benefited and if you cannot afford then just try some free methods.

With any of these link building methods, you need to target a specific audience for your niche. This is especially true with any of the method because without targeted audience your blog/website/product is of no use.

Every Blogger or website owner wants your existing visitors to keep coming back and you can achieve this by having a quality and interesting web site or blog that makes them to return back. Check each method you use to build links and find what works best for you and then continue to build links using the methods that work well.

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