15 Ways to increase traffic to blog

1. Write unique articles: If you will write some unique articles that will not only increase reader’s interest but also can increase your blog’s rating which will finally result into more traffic.

2. Always tag images in your posts: Images used in the posts must be properly tagged and should be of proper size.

3. Write some guest blogs: Write some guest posts for good PR blogs and link that posts to other posts on your blog which will increase PR of your blog and definitely will drive more traffic for you.

4. Maintain blog with a nice layout and design: Design and layout is another factor to make your blog popular and get more traffic. If your blog has a perfect layout with a perfect color combination, it will definitely attract the readers.

5. Keep eyes on statics: Always keep your eyes on Google analytics and statistics. Keep tracking the keywords and posts which are getting you the maximum traffic and liked by the users.

6. Reply emails and comments: Once someone sends you e-mail regarding your articles or posts a comment then always reply. increase-blog-trafficReplying to a comment will force the visitor to come again to your blog.

7. Writing list posts may help you: Writing lists helps your blog to get more visits as everyone like list posts. List post is like, 5 steps to make a website, 10 ways to increase adsense revenue etc. This post is also a list post. List posts have many internal or external links which attracts more traffic.

8. Use best keywords: Select best keywords for your article using Google Adword or Word tracker so that these keywords can pull more traffic.

9. Submit your blog to various directories and join forums: Promote your blog by submitting it on various directories. Joining forum and answering questions on forums will make your blog popular which will lead to more traffic.

10. Submit your blog to search engines: Submit your blog on various search engines such as google, bing, yahoo etc. Doing so will help search engines to find your blog easily and you will get more traffic.

11. Use Yahoo answers

12. Use feedburner and social bookmark plugin for your blog

13. Use a unique and smart URL

14. Do some homework on Search Engine Optimization

15. Start asking questions to your readers


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