How to Capitalize on Infolinks InText Ads

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How to Capitalize on Infolinks InText Ads

In this post, we shall discuss How to Capitalize on Infolinks InText Ads. Bloggers and internet marketers are very creative people. They always find new ways to multiply the daily incomes from their blogs and websites. That’s how they start using surveys, pop-ups or big ads, which end up costing them more than what they can earn. Their readers start feeling uncomfortable while on their blogs, the user experience gets low, and eventually they lose trust, authority and popularity among the readers.

One of the most popular and successful forms of advertising for bloggers online is Link Units’ Text/Display Ad, but this is not profitable for everyone. If it doesn’t bring money to your blog you should definitely try some other innovative ways.

InText Ads are a great option. This is a form of contextual advertising that captures the readers’ attention when they are most engaged, while reading your blog posts. When it comes to InText Advertising, Infolinks is definitely the most popular and most trusted network to provide such service, with attractive and relevant ads that have great CPC (Cost Per Click).

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Now we discuss How to Capitalize on Infolinks InText Ads in the following Procedure:

So, What Types of Ads are Available?

Infolinks’ algorithm will actually scan your blog content for the most relevant keywords and underline those words and phrases. When the reader hoovers over the underlined terms an attractive ad block will show up. The more of your visitors click it, the more money you will be making.

Aside InText Ads, Infolinks offers few other innovative ways of earning money, and the developers are also researching new methods to make their service more profitable for publishers as well as advertisers. At the moment, Infolinks offers the following ad types:

InFrame Ads – You probably have with screen margin on your website. With this type of ads Infolinks will display attractive banners if they detect the browser’s window is wider than your blog, so the ads won’t mess with your regular content. This means clutter-free reading environment for your visitors, and your blog will also look better while earning you some decent incomes. Consider opportunities to capitalize on the expanding size of widescreen monitors.

InSearch Ads – InSearch Ads are a great way to monetize your search traffic without irritating your blog readers with too much advertising. When someone looks up the search engines for certain term and gets to your blog, a small overlay slides at the footer with an ad that correlates with the term this user searched for. The ad is very relevant to what searchers need, so normally CTR is quite high.

InTag Ads – With this type of ads Infolinks scans your content for the highest paying keywords and displays them in an attractive tag cloud targeting a pretty wide audience. Whenever these readers click on the tag cloud, you get paid. High CTR is also ensured.

What are the Benefits for Your Blog or Website?

Joining Infolinks Ad network is very easy. You just need to fill in the form and you’ll get a response within the first 24 to 48 hours. To integrate it with your website you need to just add your unique Javascript code to the pages, or you can use the available platform-based plugins for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. You have all the control over everything, and you can select the types of ads that best suit you, or block certain types of advertisements from specific websites, or parts of pages. You don’t have to set up your own reports, customize channels or do other complicated tasks. Infolinks has a pretty powerful reporting system that provides you with detailed information about the number of ad impressions, clicks, earnings, eCPM, etc. Infolinks also provides strong support for its users. You can contact them through email or directly from the website and someone from the team will be right with you.

Tips to Increase Your Profit

Do a keyword research. InText Ads are related to keywords. Do your research to find the high paying ones so you can increase your revenues.

Use as many different ad types as you can. All ways of advertising that Infolinks offers are innovative and very effective. They will boost your budget without disturbing your readers. Use the opportunity as much as you can.

Customize your ads. You can use the provided theme colors, or otherwise customize your ads to make them appear more friendly and interesting for your readers to click them.

Do A/B split testing. You can’t get better if you don’t learn from your mistakes. Monitor the success of each ad type, color, and other variable elements, and do little experiments on a weekly or monthly basis to understand what works best with your readers.

Remove clutter from your site. Clutter-free space improves user experience and increases CTR, that way directly influencing your ad profits.

I hope you have gotten the best knowledge about How to Capitalize on Infolinks InText Ads in the best way.

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