7 Landing Page Mistakes

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Landing Page Mistakes

In this post, we will discuss Landing Page Mistakes. Landing pages are one of the most important elements of internet marketing. A landing page aims to encourage the visitors to fill up a simple form and subscribe to a service or get a free item. The form in the landing page captures the essential contact information regarding the visitors. Hence, a landing page is a good lead capturing tool.

However, many times, landing pages suffer high bounce rates, that is, the visitors leave the page without subscribing to the services. Out of many reasons, the bad landing page title could be a strong one.

Following are the Landing Page Mistakes. Read on to check if you have been making the same mistakes and learn how to correct them.

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Mistakes that you make while writing Title for your Landing Page

1. The title is lengthy

A visitor, who has clicked your advertisement for checking out the landing page, is only partially convinced of the usefulness of your products/services. Hence, you need to change their minds by creating a short and clear headline – not exceeding 10 words.

One of the best practices of framing a headline is using a question. This method works well because the questions usually contain fewer words. For instance, if your product is wedding jewelry then you can have a title ‘Wondering how to get cheapest wedding jewelry?’ Then, you can explain how the user can become your team member and own jewelry, and even earn a profit by selling it.

2. The title is not related to the advertisement

When you have developed several advertisements for your landing page, some of the page titles may not seem relevant to the ads. Such discrepancy between the ads and the landing page titles is a serious issue, as it irks the visitor and leads to increase in the bounce rates.

Hence, you should keep in mind a few guidelines. If your page title is a response to a certain question then you should make sure that all the ads have questions to which the response (the title) is relevant. If you have chosen statements for some of your ads, then they should be in line with the title of the page.

3. The appearance of the title is cumbersome

Does your title look appealing? Attractive titles are beneficial. However, the user will be looking forward to learning more about what you offer than appreciating the beautiful headline. Therefore, a headline with a simple regular font is best.

Essentially, for easy reading, you should refrain from using too small or big fonts for the title, and the font color should not make it obscure against the background color.

4. The title is stuffed with keywords

Ideally, the title should contain relevant keywords but you should not overwhelm it with them. Often, overuse of the keywords makes the title meaningless. In fact, you should use only one relevant keyword in the title, as you need not pay too much attention to the landing page for SEO. The traffic will mainly arrive through the advertisement/s.

After reading the title, the user should be encouraged to take the next step that is, sign up.

5. Incomplete title

When potential consumers arrive at your landing page, you do not have but a few seconds to impress them. If they find an incomplete title, they will just scroll down until the end of the page and then, leave dissatisfied.

Incomplete titles give half information or no information at all. For instance, if you sell scented wax candles then an incomplete title like ‘make your life aromatic’ will not motivate the user to take the next step, as it does not say anything about your product.

However, a title such as ‘enjoy an aroma-filled environment and make profit with scented wax candles’ will encourage more positive results.

6. Vague titles

A title is vague when it does not throw any light on your business. A vague title will provide confusing information or would be so generic that the user will not be motivated to fill out the form and subscribe to your services. An example of a bad page title would be ‘sign up and be a successful marketer’. This title does not disclose the exclusive benefit that the user will get if he fills up the form.

A good title would be ‘sign up and get free e-book on successful marketing tricks ‘.

7. Keeping the user in the dark

Your landing page title may not get a good response if you do not mention the company name and logo clearly. Of course, you should not mention them in the title as such but you should definitely mention them above the title. It will help the visitor know about your company immediately.

I hope you have gotten the best knowledge about Landing Page Mistakes in the best way


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