The content of a website is the backbone of SEO of that website. We all know Google is billionaire business because it provides best content for users and this is the reason it is so visited. So if you write content (quality content), you will capture the attention of your visitors, and hence you’ll also capture the attention of Google…

Content that appeals to the user:


It is fashionable at the moment, everything becomes video – Tutorials, reports, etc.. The proof YouTube met about 30% of the traffic alone. A bit like when movies have “won the battle” on the books. Anyway, on the internet, videos can NEVER replace the text. For the simple reason that Google will absolutely not read the content of a video. So incorporate video to your content is a VERY GOOD IDEA, provided that you accompany your usual text optimized.


Enhance your image items, it attracts much attention from visitors, and it improves your SEO also. Be sure to add “alt attributes”, “title” and also to change the file name of your images.


The perfect ingredient to boost your SEO. But what is the text that appeals to users (and Google also?) Well the best answer is: It depends… tastes, people etc.. But despite that, there are still some things to know:

  • At least 500 words, words that will be considered by Google for you reference. There is no limit in length, it depends on your audience. However, Google will like to know that after these 250 relevant words, it is still just as relevant content. We’re talking about 500 words the ideal size of a text… I quite agree, although it sometimes vary (4500 words / 1000 words…).
  • A new and unique content (yes inspiration, not copying). If you Annoy the user with content they have already seen Google will get annoyed on you. Always add value to your article. Even if the information is not new, it is important that it should be customized in such as way, to bring the info in one place, and this place is your site.
  • From entertainment : People love to have fun, especially on the internet, where most are entertaining. Give them what they want. Jokes, funny videos, etc.
  • From the tutorial : In the information age, the internet is a gold mine to learn. Whether the use of software with tutorials, work skills, to school, etc.. This type of content will always fly.
  • From Scoop : Buzz, information, Scoop… it will all be searched by users, who want to know everything. Especially if the information is on TV, it makes sense to ride the wave as soon as possible… Tools like Google Alert allows you to be aware of information as it comes.
  • Social From : Start discussions, open forums, allow comments, ask questions… People always love discussing, give their views, socialize…

Quality content that appeals to both users and search engines, is a lasting asset for your business on the internet.