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WordPress is one of the most popular CMS (content management systems) online and hence it is important to be aware of WordPress Security Tips. It is estimated that over 60 million people in the world have or are using WordPress today. However, it is free and easily available meaning anyone can attain it.

Computer gurus can also easily attain the programmed code, which means a new hacking strategy is invented with each passing day. This simply implies that if you are using WordPress, then it is important for you to safeguard it effectively failure to which your information can be easily accessed by anyone.

Below are some WordPress security tips on how best to safeguard your WordPress.

wordpress security tips

Use custom usernames

While installing, the default username that always pops up is ‘admin’. Knowing this, hackers always try and use admin as the username since most people rarely change it. Therefore, make sure to use a unique username while installing your WordPress. It is one of the most useful WordPress security tips for the beginners.

However, it will be a different ball game if you have already installed the WP app. You will be forced to change the ‘admin’ username by creating a new user with which you will grant full rights as an admin. You will log-in using the new username and get rid of the ‘admin’ one. Be as unique as possible.

Alter the table prefixes

Usually, wp_ is used as the WordPress table prefix. As earlier stated, WP is free and very easily accessible. Due to this, practically all hackers know the database information as well as the source code for AP. One of the beneficial WordPress security tips is not to maintain the exact same prefixes as before, it will be quite easy for them to make an SQL query. Therefore, while installing, type in a 3 or 2 character long word or digits in place of the current prefix. However, if already installed, a plugin such as the ‘WP secure scan’ can help you change the prefix.

Update the code regularly

A new version of WordPress is normally released every now and then. Such information is usually posted in the updates menu or in the dashboard, at the top region. Most people normally avoid using the dashboard. Therefore, always visit the WordPress official site to download the latest version. Keep yourself up to date with the latest WP trends. This will always give you an upper hand over most hackers.

These are some of the WordPress security tips of making sure your WordPress is safe enough. Some other ways of making sure you are safe include:

  • Use a password for your admin directory
  • Do not show the version of your WP in any of your blogs
  • Create a limit for the number of login attempts
  • Do away with any unnecessary files

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    I wonder if this website is to be hacked, simple ways wont really matter much. WP is secure enough to prevent all these random automatic attempts but nothing can actually stop a determinant hacker to hack :P

    I would say, using regular backup plugin and maintaining a backup archive can help to restore if and when that unfortunate day comes !!!

    • admin says:

      We appreciate your comment Hunky.


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