WordPress Plugins to Improve speed of a Blog

Here it goes: “WordPress Plugins to Improve speed of a Blog”

We all know the importance of speed specially when we talk about a Blog or a website. If the blog does not load faster, we never dare to visit that blog though it may contain quality content. Hence in this blog we have decided to write a post on which wordpress plugins we should use to improve the speed of our blog.

Almost everyone have realizes the importance of the WordPress and How amazing it was?  WordPress is a simple content management system platform which can be used for building any type of website. Not only WordPress is growing but also the number of WordPress addicts also rising day by day. The main reason is that WordPress is easy, WordPress is Flexible and WordPress lets you to start your very own website and blogs instantly.

We know that Administrator can include any kind of functionality to his site by installing plugins in it and also improve the performance of the site with the help of plugins. Since speed deserves a place in Page Ranking on search engine, we need to improve the speed of the site. Speeding up the performance also increases a change for driving a real traffic from search engines.

WordPress Directory for Plugins has several hundreds of plugins to improve the speed and performance of your WordPress Site. Once your site has been speeded up, your ranking will be increased on the search engines.  In this post I will be describing few plugins which will increase speed of your WordPress Site.

Wordpress Plugins to Improve speed of a Blog

WP Super cache Plugin

WP Super cache is the one of the best plugin for caching WordPress sites. The main work of this plugin is to convert all the dynamic web pages in your site into static pages, i.e. it will convert dynamic pages into static HTML and speed up your WordPress Site. By using this way, Heavy and expensive PHP pages will not be processed by your Server.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is also one of the plugin for caching WordPress pages. Also some of the web hosts such as HostGator, WP Engine recommends its users for using this W3 Total Cache Plugin.  Likewise popular blogs including Tech Crunch, BlogPreneurs and Mashable are using this Plugin for their WordPress Websites.

WP Smush.it Plugin

WP Smush.it Plugin will help you to reduce size of larger number of images in one Click. Mainly this will reduce the size of the image which is used in the WordPress Blogs. It automatically reduces the Image Size by running in the background of your Website. So that the speed of your WordPress site is increased for the user, this will increase your page rank also.

P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

Plugin Performance Profiler plugin will access all the plugins that are used in your WordPress blogs, and deactivate the plugins which takes more time to load.  Once this plugin starts scanning, it will report the plugin which took much time to load. Now the user have to delete or deactivate the plugins which you has more loading time. Choose alternative plugin which performs same functionality, and has low loading time.

JS & CSS Script Optimizer plugin

JS & CSS Script Optimizer plugin will group the CSS and JS files found in your blog and hence it reduces the number of HTTP requests that are requested to your server. Combining all CSS into one file will improve the speed of your WordPress Site.

We hope the above list of plugins will boost your speed of your Website and helps you to increase your Website page Rank .

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  1. Hunky says:

    WordPress itself is very much optimized. Its, us the users slow it down without thinking additional resource required for those actions..

    1. Chose theme as per your hosting, since shared hosting might not be good enough for a photoblog, there think for a CDN also.

    2. Use a photo editor to optimize image before upload

    3. Cahce plug in will help but to a certain point only as cheap shared hosting might not take the load as you grow.. Plan ahead thing for VPS as if you are a serious blogger..

    4. Many times external scripts like, Ads, G.A., Stat counter, FB data pulling or such slows your loading time down


    It would be helpful if you can name a few JS & CSS Script Optimizer plugin


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    WordPress Plugins to Improve speed of a Blog

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