WordPress Blogging – A Simple tutorial for Beginners

Do you want to know about WordPress Blogging? Are you a beginner of blogging and want to gather useful information on WordPress? Read through the post to know more about blogging in wordpress which will help you to enter in the next stage of Blogging.

WordPress offers a free blog publishing platform for would-be bloggers. It is one of the most common blogging sites (second to only Blogger), and offers a huge array of options. Unlike other blogging platforms, WordPress is ideal for experienced bloggers.

With the huge developer support it enjoys, there is a lot you can do with your WordPress blog. It the best in terms of scalability, and is the most solid choice for bloggers who plan to invest in their blog for the long term.

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WordPress Blogging- The Setup

The initial step is signing up. For this step you need nothing more than your username and password, and of course, the domain name wordpress bloggingyou want for the blog. After you create the blog and register your email, you can proceed to the dashboard to start on the customization.


For the design, the first step is choosing your theme and template. There are dozens of these, so you’ll quickly find something appealing. Follow this up by choosing the name of your blog. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as the URL name you have chosen.

Adding widgets is the next step. Widgets basically extend the functionality of your blog. Choose the ones that will be suitable to you, then drag and drop them where you think they should appear on your blog.

This is the basic set up to WordPress Blogging. You can even proceed to publish your first post to see how it will appear on the blog. No HTML needed here- just write and post.

There are a lot more customization options available, but you first need to get familiar with your blog before you begin making all those tweaks. Admittedly, fully learning all your configuration options takes time if you are a new blogger, but despite the steep learning curve, the results are truly rewarding.

You do get an analytics tool built right into your dashboard so you can see how well your blog is doing, if your aim is to publicize it.

Finally, if you want to let go of the wordpress.com suffix, you can easily upgrade your blog, but it will cost you about $17 per year.

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