Why Buying An Email List Can Ruin Your Business

The best advice for any would-be internet entrepreneur is to begin building an email list from the first day of launching the business. This advice is timeless, and those who have followed it through are now enjoying the results of their labor. Other people running internet businesses choose to take shortcuts and end up paying dearly. An internet business needs a slow but steady approach. If you are going to market your products and services, through email lists, then you need to know that it is more about reputation and permission. It is not about numbers and beat-the-clock methods. Here are reasons why buying an email list can ruin your business.

Buying An Email List

You risk being profiled as a spammer

A list that you buy can come from a company that is not in good terms with email providers. If you go on to use that list, you will ruin your reputation, as email providers will automatically send your emails to junk folders. Even if your emails go to the inbox, the recipients will not recognize your business name because they did not consent to the email subscription. Some of them will unsubscribe from the list while the rest of them will mark your messages as spam.

You will significantly lower your open rates

A successful email campaign depends on the number of people who take time to read the copy message. It is only after reading through that, a person can respond to a call-for-action message. You may spend enough money on creating an irresistible copy message for your email campaign but if no one opens those emails, then your campaign is as good as dead. Email open rates depend on trust, and the name that appears on the email header influences the decision that the person receiving the email will make.

You may target the wrong audience

What if you get your email list and realize that it is meant for a niche that is different from yours? This is just one of the challenges that email list buyers have to face. When buying the list, you will get all the assurances from the vendor that it is good, but after you get the list, everything is up to you. The wrong audience will cause your conversion rates plummet to zero. It also means that no matter what you do, your audience will not like your emails. It is something that they would love to ignore, and all of them will ignore it. Before going for a list, ask yourself if you would pay attention to a TV program that does not interest you yet, you can flip to another channel that is your favorite. That is that same dilemma that you face with a wrong audience.

The list could be out-dated

Another risk of using bought email lists is that you never know its age. A list that is a few years old will have many non-functional emails. Most email-list vendors are just interested in quick money and will do anything to come up with a list. Their most favored technique is to collect emails from discarded lists and then make them seem like new signings. There is only one way of verifying that your email recipients are alive and active. You have to send the email, and you will only do this after you buy the list. It will be too late for you to get out of the mess and save your money when you realize the list is not okay.

The list will not work for you

A powerful message in your email can go viral as people share it with their friends. The only limitation is that people will only share what they trust and can recommend. Since you did not earn the trust of your email recipients, it will be impossible for them to even think of sharing your messages and hence increase your audience.

You will get blacklisted

Your company will get blacklisted if other companies think your email list is full of spam. Other companies receiving your emails may choose to blacklist your IP address, but you can go around the problem by getting another IP address. When this happens, the blacklisting company will go ahead and ban your domain name. Once this is done, you will have no other beneficial use for the list that you bought.

You risk facing legal action

Using an email list that gives you access to people’s addresses without their consent is a criminal offense. Some provisions exist for marketers as long as they do not make mistakes that compel recipients to flag the emails as spam. If the recipients of your emails report your company to authorities for sending them spam, you could get into legal problems. The CAN SPAM act allows each email trust violation to attract a maximum fine of $16,000. Some countries prohibit the use of lists. Going for a genuine list will keep you away from this legal risk.

Once you win the trust of an email subscriber, you will not have to try so hard to make them buy your products. You will just need to work on the timing of your messages as well as the efficacy of your copy. On the other hand, if you do not have that trust, then everything else you do is useless.

Author Bio: Jason Smith has been in the internet marketing industry for more than 6 years. He is an expert on SEO & PPC tactics and in his free times likes to visit Wikipedia to research on various topics.

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    You may target the wrong audience – I liked this point.

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      Thank you very much Harshit for comment. Getting right audience (Targeted visitors) is very important for any business or blog.

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    The benefit of building your own list is that you had something they wanted..

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    Why Buying An Email List Can Ruin Your Business

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