Use secondary keywords for more natural SEO

What is the very first and fundamental thing that anyone should get before going far in SEO? In fact, it would be impossible to do SEO without it….. Ask any true professional SEO and it will tell you the same thing:


Think about it, without the right keywords, there will be nothing to what to optimize and there will be nothing with which to optimize. With the right keywords, you can target the right audience and allow your business to be found and communicate with the right people.

The whole concept of SEO revolves around keywords, and this is why keyword research is so broad and important. But it doesn’t mean that you acquire any keyword or many keywords as much possible if you do like that then there is no guarantee your SEO campaign will be successful because choosing the wrong words key is ineffective. You must also be smart in your choice of keywords and should know how to use them effectively.

Primary keywords

We bloggers are familiar with these keywords and we also know the importance of Primary Keywords. These keywords are the keywords for which you want to be ranked and want your target audience (and prospects) finds your site. Primary keywords should always be in the title tags of your site, Meta tags, internal links and, of course in the body of your pages.

Primary keywords are also a part of your strategy for building backlinks. While creating Backlinks, your main keywords are used extensively in the anchor texts (anchor text). And this is one of the best ways to use your primary keywords.

The secondary keywords

These keywords can be derived from your main keywords. This applies to synonyms in different sequences and arrangements, the addition of nouns, adjectives or verbs even when it is appropriate. Doing this will give a more natural look to all of your links which can also include what people use to find your content. Each research conducts with phrases and different terms, so as to diversify your keywords (these are your primary keys but just in a different words form, while still remaining in the same context).

The secondary keywords are not only used for anchor text for back links, but also for internal links on your site. Because using the same primary keywords on your website without changing their shape or sequence will easily climb the density of your keywords at the keyword stuffing sharply.

Therefore, if you use secondary keywords on your site, you will not be penalized for keyword stuffing, but at the same time you will still be able to retain the context of primary keywords. So the secondary keywords are just as important as the primary keywords. You can not rely solely on your primary keywords. The secondary keywords are not made to get a better ranking in search engine results for your web page and you just think about your secondary keywords as a way to “enhance” or “supplement” your primary keywords.

Having a large number of keyword variations that are related to your main keywords can give your SEO work a more natural look for both your visitors and for search engines. Imagine that you have used the same keywords over and over again in the content of your website. It will look like spam and this will eventually be annoying for visitors who stay long enough.

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