Tips on How to Optimize Body of the Blog Post

If you are having a blog, you may be following SEO to increase traffic in your blog. There are many other ways to get traffic to your optimize bodyblog without SEO but even then SEO is the major source to get traffic to your blog. There are many Blogs who doesn’t follow SEO and don’t get any Search Engine Rankings. To make your Blog SEO Friendly, you have to write SEO Friendly posts. There are many other ways to SEO the body of the post.

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1.       Heading Tags

The heading tags H1, H2, H3, H4, etc., are often misused and very much taken for granted. Heading tags are used to emphasize text and present structure to the user. Whenever possible, it’s best to use only one H1 tag per page, and use H# tags in order creating a hierarchical structure for your content.

2.       Hyperlinking

The way one page links to another can have a dramatic affect on the rankings for both the source and target page. So, it should be obvious that hyperlinking within your website is very important. Likewise, the way external websites link to yours is important too. One of the keys to successful hyperlinking is anchor text. The anchor text is the text that’s displayed as a clickable link. If you’re linking to a page about “electric cars”, then a hyperlink using the anchor text “electric cars” would be ideal for helping users and search engines identify what the target page is about.

3.       Content

Search engines absolutely love content, and so do end-users. The content on each page should be unique, approximately 500 words or more; and include the targeted key phrases, synonyms and related keywords in order to reinforce your targeted terms. But, be careful to not “stuff” keywords within the content so that it reads poorly. This creates a bad user-experience, and search engines don’t like it either.

4.       Images

When used properly, images give users and search engines additional clues regarding what a page is about. Be sure to use the alt attribute whenever you add an image to a web page. Since search engines can’t see images like humans do, the alt attribute tells search engines what a particular image is. The alt attribute should be short and descriptive.

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