Tips For Creating Blog Posts That Engage Your Readers

Creating blog posts that engage your readers

Creating blog posts that engage your readers

One of the keys to building a strong readership is to write engaging blog posts.

Generally, that boils down to two things:

  1. You must give your readers what they want.
  2. You must write in a way that that captures and holds your reader’s attention.

If you’ve studied your market, then you already know what your readers want.

They want the answers to the questions they keep asking on niche forums. They want the same type of information that they’re currently buying through paid books, ebook, videos and other information products. It’s the same information they’re searching for in the search engines.

In short, you won’t go wrong if you give your readers the same type of information that they’re already consuming.

Then there’s the second part of the equation:

Specifically, how do you capture and hold attention?

You’ve already discovered that you need to create “reader-oriented” posts that focus on your reader’s wants, needs, problems and solutions.

But you can also capture your reader’s attention by straying away from the typical “how to” article that you see everywhere else, and instead write articles with a twist. Here are some ideas you can start using immediately:

  • Write like you talk. If you want to capture and hold someone’s attention, stop writing as if you’re cranking out a college thesis, and start writing as if you were talking to a friend. Really.
  • Find out as much as you can about your readers. The more you know about your readers, the easier it is for you to get inside their heads and tap into their desires, fears and hopes.
  • Use the active voice.The best way to explain this tip is by giving you an example….

Here’s a passive example: The phone will be answered.

Now let’s rewrite that to make it active: You’ll answer the phone.

See the difference?

When you have words like “will be” in a sentence, that’s a dead giveaway that your writing is in the passive voice.

You need to make it active by telling WHO is doing the action.

The tips I just shared with you are simple… deceptively simple. But once you start using these three simple tips, I guarantee your writing will improve. And so will your readership base!

Making your information accessible to everyone is also important. We all learn in different ways, and so even though your blog will be for the most part written, it is also a good idea to add in a relevant video. Some people prefer to watch information rather than read it, and that way you can cater to different types of learners.

Even how you lay your information out can help to engage your readers – large blocks of text can be difficult to read.

Keep your language simple, and keep your paragraphs short. Break your information up with images. Use headings and sub headings, and try to use point form where possible.  All these things will help to keep your reader engaged, and will keep them coming back for more!

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