If you are purchasing a domain name for your new website, there are some very important things to consider first. With the increasing popularity of the internet, it is important to be up to speed on things like SEO (search engine optimization), blacklists, potential legal issues, etc., so you can get the results you want with your website. There are hundreds of different domain names for sale, so it is a good idea to get educated before you inadvertently make a poor choice.

Whether you are a first time domain buyer, or you are just trying to brush up on old skills, here are seven important things to consider before you buy a domain name.

1 – Keyword Relevance

Although it is not always necessary, websites that contain relevant keywords can be easier to locate by potential customers. This has become a very common SEO strategy. On the other hand, common keywords might be too overused. When possible, try to find a balance between relevant keyword use and originality.

2 – Domain Extension

When you are looking for purchasing a domain name, it is extremely important to pay attention to the extension. The most common extension in the United States is .com, so it is usually the best choice. Many people will default to .com without even thinking about it, so your site may become difficult to find with a different extension.

If you must use a different extension, try to stay with top-level domains, such as:


3 – Site Indexing And Affiliations

When a URL has been around for a long time, it could still be indexed somewhere, or it may have previous negative connotations surrounding it. Use an online resource to check indexation levels and previous affiliations with a given URL. If the URL was previously used for something involving crime, violence, or pornography, you will most likely want to avoid it.

4 – Blacklisting

If you choose a URL that has previously been blacklisted, you could lose a lot of potential internet visitors. Blacklists are generally independently created, so you may want to check a few different ones to make sure that your domain is blacklisted.

5 – Domain Significance

Unless you are extremely and uncommonly successful, your domain name should have specific and direct significance to your business. You may run across some unique and personally significant domain names during your search, but if they are not directly related to your business or personal site, you probably won’t find the success you are hoping for.

6 – Domain Length

In most cases, the most successful websites are the ones that are the easiest to remember. For most people, shorter domains are easier to remember than long ones. If your domain name is too long, you may find that people simply forget how to get to your site. Shorter URLs are usually also more convenient for people to link to, which can increase your rankings in search engines.

7 – Legal Concerns

Before purchasing a new domain, make sure that you check for trademarks and copyrights. If you use a name that includes a trademark, you may be held legally responsible.

After considering these simple factors, you can easily choose a creative and successful domain name for your website.