5 Awesome Strategies For Getting Traffic To Your Shopping Cart

Tips for Getting Traffic to your Shopping Cart

Implementing changes to your E-commerce site can help to increase traffic to your business and get more people to use your shopping cart. To ensure getting remarkable results, these changes should be maintained consistently and updated when necessary. Below are four simple but effective ways of getting more people to visit your E-commerce store and make use of your shopping cart.

getting traffic to your shopping cart

Add long-tail variations to your E-commerce website

Long-tail keywords are high-volume terms. They are not only easier to identify and seek; they are also where most of the traffic lies. In many websites, 80% to 90% of the traffic they are likely receiving will be from long-tail searches having three to five words. In terms of ranking, long-tail keywords are easier to rank and typically have higher conversion rates compared to shorter, generic terms.

Take advantage of long-tail keywords for your website. Using a keyword tool, make a list of these words and include all the long-tail variations provided. Also, take a look at the terms under Google’s related search results. Sort through the listing for the most appropriate terms provided. Incorporate these words into your website and on your web page copy. With all these modifiers on your site and on your copy, the page now has the potential to achieve a higher rank for a broader spectrum of search queries.

Provide rich snippets

Rich snippets refer to search listings that display information about the price of a product, its availability and review count. Customers who wish to know more about a specific product find these snippets very useful in their search. When rich snippets are present in search results for your keywords, these will give prospective buyers information at a glance from the search results page without having to visit the site itself. If you have an E-commerce website that showcases a variety of products, this feature will be highly applicable for you.

Setting up rich snippets varies based on your platform. Before you can implement it, you have to conduct research in order to properly implement it. Google has a Rich Snippets Testing Tool that you can use to set things up properly and avoid any display issues.

Get as much visible customer feedback on your site

Having visible customer feedback on your site attracts potential shoppers. Most online buyers spend time reading through customer feedback and opinions before they start the buying process. A report from E-Consultancy showed that 61% of customers read online reviews before buying anything. In the UK, 47% of all people who made online purchases have written a review. Most importantly, the report disclosed that user reviews are proven to increase sales and increase conversions.

There are apps you can use to install a customer feedback tool on your ecommerce store. For instance, YOTPO allows users to comment or review a product on an online shop. However, having positive reviews only can make some customers wonder if they are legitimate. A study by Reevoo showed that 30% of buyers become suspicious when there are no negative reviews posted. Having a healthy mix of positive and negative reviews helps enhance buyer trust.

Use videos and images

One major disadvantage of online shopping is that buyers cannot touch or feel a product before making a purchase. By using quality images and videos to showcase your products, you can help would-be buyers to get better perception of the product. Videos, in particular, are good substitutes that help allow possible buyers to easily make a purchase decision.

Specifically, instructional videos help to bring your products to life and educate your potential buyers about the various features and benefits that are difficult to communicate through mere written content. When making a video, make sure to get a shot of the product from all angles to allow viewing from different perspectives and to enable the viewer to accurately judge the size. In creating the video for your ecommerce site, make sure that it provides information that prospective buyers want to know.

Setup an affiliate program

Use OSI Affiliate Software to setup an affiliate program for your E-commerce store. Having an affiliate program helps get your brand exposed to a wider audience that you did not have access to before. Using affiliates, you will get more traffic and sales to your online store. The best part, you only pay for successful conversions.

By taking advantage of these techniques and incorporating them into your overall strategy, you will not only make your ecommerce site more effective, but also more attractive to shoppers and potential buyers.

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