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Making a wonderful blog needs many things like unique articles and design of the blog.

Initially every blogger will be concentrating on Content and design only. But it is very important that one should also optimize their website loading time. If your blog is taking more time to load then you are going to lose your visitors.

Things to consider while designing a good blog:

  1. Layout of the blog
  2. Number of HTML widgets
  3. Image formats and size of them
  4. Number of posts per page
  5. Template of the blog

1. Layout of the blog: Blogger has a nice interface to design your blog. The Layout concept gives you freedom while designing your blog. You should be careful while choosing your layout as it affects the page loading time.

As per Google guidelines to make a blog load in less time the layout shown below is recommended.

2. Number of HTML widgets: While the blogger widgets are very important to make your blog attractive they will also increase blog loading time.

To avoid this

  • Try to use official blogger widgets.
  • If you are using a third party html widgets put it under post body (see the layout image).
  • Try to optimize the Html code of a third party widget using some HTML optimizer (just Google for it!).

speed up your blog

3. Image formats and size of them: This have a major effect on your blog. As your blog is hosted freely on Blogger site avoid putting a lot of images in your posts. While using some attractive images on your blog follow these instructions

  • Use .jpg format files as they are compressed in lossless method.
  • Always upload your pictures to blogger through Picasa (this is default in blogger) only. If you try to link some outside image in your blog it will add some time lag.
  • If you are showing some screen shots it is better to give the link of Picasa of them instead of embedding them directly into the blog.
  • Avoid using Gif images if not needed as they consume more memory compared to normal jpg images

4. Number of posts per page: If some visitor enters your blog URL then all the posts (as your settings) will be loaded in your home page. If you set the number of pages as a big number then you are in trouble.

So always set your default posts per page as 3 to 5. If you want to show more number of post titles in your blog then you can try a third party blogger widget “linkwithin” This will show related posts at the end of your articles. With this you can increase inside post linking.

Or else you can use another trick even using more number of posts per page. Blogger gives you an advantage with putting page breaks. With page breaks you can show a small part of a post instead of showing the entire lengthy post. This will be very useful if you are posting more number of articles in less time. Readers can’t miss your stories as they see your post titles.

5. Template of the Blog: Choosing a beautiful template is necessary to attract visitors. But don’t complicate your template with more number of lines of code. It is possible to attract visitors with a clean and simple navigation template too. Even if you are taking a custom made template (downloaded from internet) try to remove extra lines of code and widgets. As said in the 2nd step you can also optimize your entire blogger template also. The tool will remove all unnecessary whitespace in your template so that you can save some milliseconds of blog load.

Hope you like this article. Happy Blogging..
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  1. Hunky says:

    One more suggestion, either use any image editing software to optimize the image size (both dimensions and byte :P) or install Smush.it™ plug in to optimize from server side..

  2. Aniruddha says:

    Which hosting service you are using? Which one is the best?

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