Social media: not time-wasting, but money-making

How to earn money with the help of Online Media

Money can be made with social media, but it is not easy (otherwise everybody would be doing it). Here are a few tips and a few ideas social mediathat you may like to try. You should note however that each idea is just like a seed, and you are the one that is going to have to grow the seed (idea) in order to make money. Just keep in mind that there are millions of people in social media, and they all have money. Your job is to separate them from their money in a sound, legal and ethical way.

Start by promoting your site on social media

This is a little bit of a no-brainer if you have an e-commerce site. You can populate your social media profiles with material that makes your e-commerce site something that people may wish to visit. Being over-promotional and not creating planned campaigns is not a good idea. Nevertheless, social media is free to post things on, so you would be a fool to ignore such a free resource.

Show people what they want and then give it to them

Needs and wants are very different things. We all need food and clothing, and you may “need” to get your tooth fixed or pay for your child’s education. Wants are the things that we do not know we desire until we are exposed to them. People may be easily convinced that their wants are needs. Moreover, even if you cannot convince a person that they “need” something, then the power of a “want” may encourage them to buy.

You can use social media as a way of showing people what they “want”. The great thing is that you do not need to make your social media post into an advert. If people see commercials on TV, then they are aware that they are adverts and they would be confused if they did not act and sound like adverts. But, on social media, such as YouTube, you can create a number of different videos and you are not restricted to an advertising format.

Instead of advertising your product, you could just show it off to people until they want one. For example, instead of telling people how great your cotton candy making machine is, you should show a video of people using it. If you add a website address at the end, then people will have a look, and may even buy from you.

Use Flikr and Instagram in the same way that you use YouTube

Showing people your products on YouTube is a good idea, and the same principal can be used on picture sharing sites too. You can show people using your product, or you can show it in action on its own. You can prove points about your products, such as showing how strong it is by having images of bricks being piled on your product. At the very bottom of every picture, you could have a URL/domain name so that people know what to look for in order to find your website.

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