Social Media Tips for Your Small Local Business

Do you know the importance of social media in small business? A strong online presence is vital for small business in this highly digital generation. Therefore, there is no reason to stay away from opening a social site account for their business. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare could come quite in handy. If you are looking to get started, these few social media tips for your small local business will help you do the right thing.

social media in small business

3 Things You Should Not Forget while Using Social Media in Small Business

Start small

One mistake that most local businesses do is going all in at once. There is no way you can start by opening accounts on all social sites possible and still manage them all at once. The best thing to do is come up with a list of all the sites you think your clients use frequently and pick the most viable. On the other hand, the function of the site in your case will matter a lot.

If you plan on sharing advice and building a community, then Facebook is the best. If you plan on posting news and updates once they come in, then Twitter is the best. If destinations are what you are after, then Foursquare is the thing. Simply go one step at a time, preferably fully establish one account before going for another.


Do post that is in accordance with your business and will obviously be of interest to your clients. It is one of the most important parts of using social media in small business. Do not go about tweeting how hot your morning coffee was whereas you are dealing in IT. Are you having a sale soon? Post it. Is there news you would like your clients to know? Post them too. Is there a promotion going on in your shop? Let the clients know.

Also post relevant general information within your area of expertise once in a while. For example, if you are a small-time VPN client, try posting information on ways to unblock websites, the various VPN protocols and the likes.

Get a little bit personal

The secret to use social media in small business successfully is showing your clients that there is a human somewhere behind the business’s official walls. Bring out a personality that they can relate to; do not be all too official. Use a conversational tone in your posts. In short, be as approachable as possible.

Social Media and Small Local Business

Most small entrepreneurs do not really know how to go about using social media to work wonders for their businesses. Some local service providers such as dry cleaners and the likes have also opted to turn to social media although a majority of them are not doing too well in that sector. But if you take some wise steps, you can definitely gain a lot for by using social media in small business in the right way.

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