Top 3 Small Businesses Blogging Platforms

There are many advantages to having a blog for your small business. It provides a bridge to your company website, and exposes you to your online market in an easy, inexpensive way. So, which blogging platform should you use for your small business? In this post I tried to focus on the 3 best small businesses blogging platforms.

Small Businesses Blogging Platforms and Free Blogs and Paid Blogs

If you want to create a blog for your business, you have to decide between a free blog, and a self-hosted blog. If there are no financial limitations, a self-hosted blog is better. Your blog will be more secure since it is hosted in different servers, and will typically have a more professional, more unique appeal. It also keeps your company website fresh, since new content is added to the blog with more frequency than it is added to the main site.

A free blog is a good option when you want to test the water, or simply want to have a blog without spending anything on it.

The best blogging platforms for small businesses are also, unsurprisingly, ranked the best overall in terms of the features, ease of use, and benefits they offer. The 3 best Small Businesses Blogging Platforms are:


WordPress is among the best of the best small businesses blogging platforms, and its range of customization options are attractive to business owners who want their blog to be as closely related to their business as possible. If the blog needs to be more formal, using Granted, there are financial implications, but the blog will be more outstanding in every sense of the word.

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This is a good business blogging platform, offering flexibility, analytics, and content promotion. You can easily earn revenue with a typepadTypePad blog, as well as sell products and services from it. Posts can be published easily on the go, via e-mail, hence it is easily counted as one of the small businesses blogging platforms. It’s however not a free option, with costs starting at $8.95 a month up to $29.95.

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The Google-owned platform is one of the most seasoned there are, so it’s smooth and invulnerable. It’s also free, with a simple design bloggerand layout. The biggest benefit of using this platform for business is the SEO advantage. SEO campaigns are more fruitful when using Blogger, thanks to Google’s hand in it, so amassing traffic to your blog, and ultimately to your small business site becomes easier.

Other platforms suitable for businesses include SquareSpace, which is a premium platform, Tumblr, Jux, Blog and Weebly.

Choose the blogging platform according to your choice and take your small business to a new level.

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  1. cedrict says:

    WordPress and Blogger are my favorite 2 platform. The thing that strikes me with Blogger is how well you rank in the search engines. Even if the topic is saturated, if you write a good post, it could rank top 3 pages within 2 weeks. Most time it at least takes me 3-6 months.

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