SEO Myths you must be aware of

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Today I am here to discuss some SEO Myths, we must be aware of. Here it goes:

Myth 1: “Penalty on Duplicate content”seo myths

Some administrators and bloggers fear that if this content on their blogs/sites suddenly appears on other sites, search engines will impose a “duplicate content penalty”.

- If this were true, all the major newspapers and portals news sites would now be de-indexed from search engines because they all contain “duplicate content”. Sometimes several major newspapers, even identical securities …

- Thousands of sites have their butter making content distribution by simply showing the other items, and changing several terms.

- Thousands of sites have shown that the “quote content” does not penalize in search engines, especially by being accompanied by the source link.

According to Google, in practice it is very hard to see penalized for duplicate content on the side of the copier site, let alone the side of the copied.

The first site to publish an article is favored by search engines, it has a higher ranking for a given search, the sites with the same content and a higher PageRank. But the “duplicate” pages are displayed in the results of search engines, even if they are less than the original location. Meanwhile, the copy does not affect the ranking of other pages of a site. This is the case of sites like BlogBang or Paperblog . Their content is by definition duplicate content.

So do not be afraid to publish content and you do fly, and do not be afraid to take the content. However, respect the rights of authors, copyright set by the publisher, and cite the source.

Myth 2: The goal is to get more inbound links as possible

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Having links pointing to your site, is synonymous with popularity for Google. In this context, we try to get links from any way, on any site. Sometimes buying packs of 1000 or 10000 links using software …

But what matters is not the quantity but the quality.

10 Links from better PR sites and from your niche sites with anchor keyword is always worth than 1000 links from forum profiles.

Create smart partnerships by manually contacting the sites that interest you. Work also manually in submitting your site to directories. Some quality links to strengthen your SEO, and the rest will be a bonus.

Myth 3: Any content will do

In reality, it should be obvious that many website owners are concerned about their popularity, mainly publish quality content. For articles, this is the sign of a unique perspective and solid information that can not be found anywhere, ideally presented in compelling language and optimized for SEO and screen readers.

If your content is poorly written, not readable, not interesting, full of mistakes … you’ll have a high bounce rate, and mind it, Google tends to favor someone whose information is really useful.

Whatever content you post, it must be professional and attractive to your target visitors. If visitors show interest in this one, then the search engines too.

Myth 4: Distributing content is easy. Just click on “send”

In reality, publish content is not sufficient, you have to promote it also. If you post the content, and that is not read, not shared, nor readers, nor the search engines will bring their trust in.

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It is essentially a two-step process:

1. Publication. Publish on your site or blog, in a conspicuous place, where there is (or will be) traffic. Do not hide at the end of the structure of your site, it must be easily accessible for both engines that your visitors. And inevitably, an indexed page should point to that. Ideally your category.

2. Promotion. Sharing your articles on all major networks like digg, facebook, twitter, linkedin, stumbleupon etc… buy some sponsored articles, and write guest posts also. Share your content with your subscribers either by feeds or email campaign.

The purpose of this promotion is to get links pointing to your pages, and get visitors and therefore readers.These visits also give weight to the search engines. More sightseeing increase, and the engine will tend to love you. Anyway, do not just simply publish content, promote it also.

Hope you liked the article. Feel free to share it with your friends and share your views in comment section also. We are always hearing you…

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    get rid of myths get real in SEO efforts for gaining maximum praise by search engine

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      Tress We must be aware of the myths so that we can work accordingly and get the result also in the same way. Thanks for your comment.

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