We all know how important it is for a blog to participate in social networks. The aim of the social buttons on a blog focuses on encouraging readers to share links of our invoice in the most popular social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google and many others. In this way a blog can receive rapid popularity in these social networking sites and also increase your social traffic.

A few years ago we were forced bloggers to put dozens of custom social buttons, but with the increasing emergence of new sites, it was almost impossible to put all the buttons in the same blog. So it appears the solution in the form of a widget all-in-one, which although simple in form, it looks so beautiful when installed.

There are many services available on the web that offers a variety of interesting social gadgets or widgets. These widgets can be customized as much as the taste regarding design and installation is as easy as counting to three. Just follow the directions.

So, here are a list of the most popular 4 sets Social Media Sharing (Sharing Widgets) widely used by millions of bloggers around the world in different blogging platforms.

1. AddthisAmong:

All the social sharing widget “addthis” is the most used and popular with over 14 million domains worldwide. It has 7 different widget style and available for 14 different platforms.

2. ShareThis:

“ShareThis” is the second most popular and favorite bloggers offering 8 beautiful styles of the widget to 10 different blogging platforms.

3. Shareaholic:

“Shareaholic” is the third in popularity for social exchange, offering 3 different styles of widget and a widget special action for different web browsers.

4. Sharelockerz:

“Sharelockerz” is a simple but powerful social widget and fourth in popularity, with service available for 12 different blogging platforms.

Simply choose the one you like and see how your visitors share your posts.

This article is submitted by Rargoc, who is currently working for londonrickshaws.