6 tips to optimize YouTube videos

The video platform YouTube is a great social network but also an excellent tool for Web marketing. To distribute my videos I choseYouTube-optimization this tool because in terms of traffic Dailymotion and others do not measure up. Among the most popular sites in the world YouTube is ranked in third position! (Alexa ranking)

The videos allow you to collect a large traffic (targeted) to your website. In this article I am sharing 6 tips to improve the visibility and ranking of your videos in the search results of Google and YouTube:

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1. Video : It must be original, out of the ordinary, the public interest so that it increases the number of views and rating. No need to use the mass media to create a video, you can create flash presentation=s with high-quality images. Short or long, there are no restrictions. If your videos are interesting, they will be viewed until the end. Send high resolution video, do not neglect quality. Upload videos without stopping if possible, because the chances of being visible will only multiplied.

2. The title of the video : It must be explicit, relevant keywords leftmost possible, not to exceed 60/65 characters.

3. The description of the video : In the first place the description the address of your site or your blog … Place a short text explicit, go to the essentials.

4. Video tags : The tag is essential for internal research and related videos. Pick the right to improve the visibility of your videos. It is not allowed to go investigate the tags of your competitors. But do not focus solely on that.

5. The links to the video : YouTube video pages are like web pages. They get more links (backlinks), the better they are classified in the search results of Google and YouTube.

6. The integration of videos into websites : they also improve the visibility of your video. More they are integrated into Web pages of different websites, the better they are visible in the results of Google and YouTube.

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Your comments are welcome on this topic. Please feel free to share your views and tell us why you think to optimize your YouTube Videos. We are waiting…….

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