Mobile Blogging: How they arouse the interest of readers

Today I want to talk about a trend that develops gradually in Blogging World. The “mobile blogging” is a fascinating phenomenon, which began to grow with the advent of smartphones and tablets. Many bloggers are increasingly attracted by the concept in the first place because they like to be able to make frequent updates and post messages that allow their visitors to stay informed of the latest news. TheMobile blogs, or “Moblogs”, pushing it to the extreme by allowing users to talk about things as they occur. This new wave of Moblogs and Mobloggers that keep users up to date with important events, positive or negative, as they occur around the world, helping to make international communication faster and more accurate .

Mobile blogging, a new way to blogmobile blogs

The mobile blogging marks the beginning of an exciting new era for Internet communication that can occur spontaneously from any location.

Mobile blogging is still in its infancy because the technology that makes it possible has recently hit the global market. It is only during the last two or three years that mobile web devices have become enough user-friendly to target the most consumers. The smartphones and other technologies becoming more popular device, bloggers move away more of their office and go into the streets. The Moblogging quickly attracts the attention of the blogging community. They certainly do not replace the long and written records of bloggers passionate about them, but certainly present as a different market.

Examples of the use of mobile blogging

No need for a special technology, simply to have a classic WordPress blog, and WordPress application on your tablet or SmartPhone. The application is still somewhat limited, however, it contains the basic functionality, especially the publication of texts, photos, and videos.

A Moblogger with a SmartPhone can post articles from, for example, the foot of the podium during a Presidential speech or while standing at the last time of the World Cup or at the launch of some products. This allows bloggers to share their experiences in real time, with more excitement than the TV can provide, and also the most democratic means.

Examples of mobile blogging:

- A specialist in bodybuilding, taking videos of the exercises with his iphone and publishing live to follow a routine.
- An independent sports journalist, publishing directly on his blog the actions and feelings of a match without censorship.
- A nomad who visits a new city per week, and sharing photos of his journey.
- A blog specializing in mobile technology, which supports the latest conferences and product launches.
- A blogger on fashion, which publishes photos real time on the street, or in unusual places, or displaying its new purchases in real time.

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