How To Make Your WordPress Site Look Great

In today’s times, having a website is the most effective way to advertise yourself and even build a business. Almost every business today has blog or a website since there is a really big audience to be catered to online. However, it takes a really good site for people to notice it and actually support it. This could be too much to take on, especially for those that are building their websites for the first time. One thing is for sure though, your website needs to contain content that its audience will find useful.

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Here are just a few more things you need to remember:

–> Flash animation is not recommended. While it may look amusing in the beginning to see graphics swimming around and about the webpage, it is not exactly a good idea since it makes your site look less professional and it distracts your audience from what they are really supposed to be looking at. You need to remember that the content is more important than the decorations in your website. You want to attract them because they know you have credible content, not because you have a pretty site.

–> Navigation around your website should be flawless. If there is one big thing that can turn off any audience from browsing through your website any further, it’s bad navigation controls. It needs to be as simple as it can possibly be. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes, would you be willing to check out a website further if you can’t get to the pages you want without getting lost?

–> Images should be kept at a minimum. Although a bit of images in your website is totally helpful, it should not dominate your entire website. There should be an equal amount of images to the blocks of texts you have in your site to make it look balanced.

–> Use the standard font and avoid painfully contrasting colors. When making sites, it’s often the best idea to stick to the traditional font always used and don’t experiment with sizes and colors. Can you just imagine reading something in black Comic Sans font on a red background? Ouch! Not only does it make your eyes hurt, but it doesn’t help you look professional either! If you want your website to be respected, you need to give your audience something to respect.

–> If you will put videos in your site, make sure that they don’t start on their own. It tends to be very annoying for people when they visit the site and music starts playing without their consent, especially if the audio you had put in was meant to advertise yourself. If you really want to put videos and audio in your site, always give the audience the option to play it or not.

–> Make sure that there are as little grammatical errors. Your website can greatly reflect what kind of person you are. If you have so many typographical errors on your site, people will think you are quite the sloppy one and don’t really have much regard for management.  Always keep these in mind and you are well on your way to making a good site!

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