Tips For Effective Link Building

Link building is the backbone to every successful Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign. As all SEO experts know, search engines link-buildingare the boss and in their eyes the popularity of your domain is established by the quantity and the quality of its relevant back links.

You can spend as much time and money as you like on other SEO elements but focusing on Link Building is most often the best way to maximise your websites appeal and audience reach. Link Building is a simple SEO philosophy; placing links from one site onto other relevant sites to increase that domains popularity and audience. Implementing link building is slightly more complex though, so here are a few tips to help:


By getting involved with online forums relevant to your industry fields you can demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in a freebie manner. Forums are ideal because most users will be people who are researching the subject and are more likely to click more links and visit more websites. Forums provide the ideal opportunity to implement your backlinks.

Social Media

Similar to web forums, social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) are an ideal medium to host blogs, comment on other industry blogs and take part in other discussions on social networks. Quick tip posts like top ten lists or ‘5 easy ways to…’ are most effective when using these channels.

Good Quality Links

It’s not just the amount of backlinks that will improve your link building; it’s the quality of those links that is important too. A good quality link should:

- Have a good page ranking from Google. Page ranks show reliability and range from 1 to 10- 10 being the highest value. The use of highly ranked links will in turn be reflected in the page rank of your website.

- Have good content that contains relevant keywords, titles and is original. This is especially important after the recent Penguin update from Google as poor content will increase your bounce rate and damage your Google rankings.

Use A Link Checking Tool

Link checking tools are useful to see which sites are already linking to your domain. Try to ascertain how you managed to get linked initially and then repeat this process to ensure it continues to happen.

Examples of link checking tools include Google’s webmaster tools and Google Chrome’s Page Checking Plugin ‘Check My Links’.

Slow And Steady Wins The Link Building Race

It is important to take your time when link building; be thorough, consistent and do not rush the process. Link building SEO campaigns that have been produced quickly are usually the least effective and can even be counterproductive as quality links will take time- but they will bring the most rewards.

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  1. Abhishek says:

    Link Building seems very important for SEO aspect, thanks for sharing your ideas. I would like to add one more tool, Alexa in link checking tools.

    • admin says:

      Thank you very much Abhishek. If you are a free user of alexa then you cannot check your inbound links as they have shifted this feature to PRO account. So if you are PRO user of Alexa then only you can use Alexa as a link checking tool.

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