Link Building Earns Google Rank: A Myth or Fact

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It is a subject of deep research that Google appreciates sites, which build inbound links on other reputed websites, or not. In official statements, Google has never given direct insights on creation of links on websites with luring ranks. On the other hand, search engines talk about contribution, distribution, sharing, and activity of virtual universe. Simply, Google earns money from web and to keep its own market place happening it gives proper security to genuine vendors and punishment to wrongdoers. Now, here we need to understand this statement of Google in detailed format.

Lets figure out what Google meant with Sharing.

Sharing: Distribute Your Knowledge

Unlike Facebook’s Share button, the sharing for Google is different. It might seem confusing to you but it is truth that the same word link buildingcan acquire two different meanings for two different virtual entrepreneurs. In case of Google, the word sharing refers to genuine efforts of making fellow internet users knowledgeable. As per Google, the web grows on ‘you grow we grow’ model. So, it is necessary to share your knowledge with your fellows. It causes activity over web. Moreover, such sharing connects people together. In simple words, you can share your knowledge in form of textual, graphical, and visual contents at a place, where web readers usually venture their time. You can leave a link with your post to let people come on your site but only if they want to come.

Contribution- Nourish Web with Your Answers

With contribution, Google wants to ask you to take part in productive discussions at forum and discussion sites. Therefore, new users can take help from your knowledge. Initially, you can take help in your technical or non-technical queries. It is an interesting way to interact with people who do not know and may not ever know each other but with web they can and you can. So, just contribute in turning web a resourceful element of human lives. Believe it, your genuine efforts will certainly pay you back.

Activity – Go Virtual

When Google give rants over the activity in websites, people connect this term with flooding of contents, which is a wrong connection. By referring activity, Google wants to say that your virtual brand should interact virtually with your targeted customers. Your brand should behave over web as if you are living in a real world. Though, the success over web flows through links but freshness is an integral part of virtual marketing.

What is Punishable!

Well, it is necessary to talk about strategies what are punishable and wrongdoing according to Google. The strategies, which should not be followed, are bulleted below:

  • One should never flood one’s website with plenty of links.
  • One should never aim to earn money in direct manner without contributing to web.
  • Guest blogging should be not taken as the means of bring high value online visitors on your site by posting relevant contents.
  • Social media networking stands for interaction between genuine social media users instead of circulating links via fake ids.

Now, you can understand each & every aspect what you might have misunderstood in past. So, just make yourself ready for earning the love of Google.

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    Link Building Earns Google Rank: A Myth or Fact

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