The Flipside of Using WordPress – Limitations of WordPress

Currently, WordPress is ranked as one of the best content management systems. However, it sure is not the Cream of the Crop Limitations of WordPressof the market. Everything has its own flaws; nothing is perfect. The same applies to WordPress. It has quite a number of limitations. Whether or not the limitations of WordPress outweigh its advantages is all upon you!

Management of the users

One of the unique aspects of using WP as a CMS is the fact that it allows for adding of users. In this case, one can add users and assign a specific role to each and every user. The roles range from the admin to the subscriber role. The subscriber is by far the most limited user among them whereas the admin can actually change any aspect in any of the pages in the website, and is counted as one of the limitations of WordPress.

However, WP does not allow for one to allocate a specific user to alter specific aspect of a certain page. It is either one has access to all the pages or access to none of them.

The multisite function

WordPress has a function whereby one can use one installation to run a number of sites. This is what experts refer to as the multisite function. However, even with this function in place, there is no way for one to run the same number of domain names. It becomes more of an impossible mission with WP and hence is counted as one of limitations of WordPress.

Regular updates

This might seem like an advantage but after a while, it may also seem to be one of the limitations of WordPress for many. Normally, WP sites come fully installed with constant updates that run every now and then. The installation itself has its own regular updates and the same applies for the themes as well as the plugins that come with along with the whole website setup. At the end of the day, one gets to receive thousands of updates. Running them becomes a tough chore in itself.

It is hard, yet not hard

WordPress, to many people, is known as a system that is not hard to operate. However, the line between WP being hard or not is quite thin hence it being hard yet not hard. Its functionality with regards to the setup is normally quite easy. However, configuring plus choosing the plugins can be quite hard and especially to individuals that are not use to the task, and this issue is one of the limitations of WordPress that many beginners face. One has to have a rudiment and deep understanding of websites, html and how the two work together in order to actually manage the whole installation process.

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  1. Hunky says:

    As a CMS, its light. But as a website, with your own theme and plugins, things starts to get heavier and after a certain time, you may see your shared hosting making a lot of noise about resource as soon as you reach 1000 or such UV…

    Using WordPress ?? Plan VPS within 1000 / 1200 UV daily :P

    To me, thats one of the biggest disadvantage !!! Its free but not really free as charges of hosting will kill you, if you are having a popular website..

    • admin says:

      Thanks for comment Hunky, we appreciate your thinking. This is true when you use more and more plugins it gets heavier and obviously speed goes down which is very bad for bloggers or any website owner. Personally I have not faced any issue in my hosting account for any of my blog but still if you feel that your host services cannot take the load then you must switch as in my views speed of a website or blog matters a lot.

      • Hunky says:

        I just interacted with a website based on joomla which was also slow due to many modifications (I guess scripts and plug-in) as per GTmetrix..

        The said website gets almost 10 times higher traffic than mine yet there is no warning from same hosting provider under same plan for that said person.

        Either he is not giving me proper stats, or WordPress is much much more resource hungry than Joomla..

        See, having installed plug-in doesn’t mean an active process. Many plug in do their job once and seat idle for next time :P, for example, a backup plug in :P or a image resizer or such..

        I am not happy :(


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