Ask yourself these questions before installing a WordPress Plugin

If you are a Blogger, you inevitably heard of WordPress. Moreover, you may be having a blog or website based on it? If ever you did not know, just know that WordPress is a free content management system distributed by Automattic, which is primarily used as a blog engine. But its capabilities also enable it to manage any website.

WordPress has grown rapidly in recent years in the world of CMS, it is simply secure and reliable, which is based on a large community of developers. Of course, there are other options, very good indeed, but it is the king!

For most people who are hoping to start a blog, have the ability to extend the functionality of WP often by searching for plugins, thanks to a quite amazing repertoire of over 20,000 entries. As might be expected, excessive dependence plugins can be a very bad thing, leading to make the system slower and make the site more vulnerable.

So if you are looking for the perfect wordpress plugin and you are ready to install it, this guide will answers the questions which you might be having in mind. In this, after identifying the potential problems of using WordPress plugins, you might think to evaluate whether you really need a plugin or not. That is why the author of this image, Jonathan has created a graphic that contains some questions that we suggest to ask before installing a plugin!

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So these are simple questions that you should ask:

  • Do I need this plugin?
  • Can I do what I need without this plugin?
  • Is this plugin better than another same plugin?
  • Does the author of this plugin has more credibility?
  • Which plugin has the best changelog, otherwise-known, which is not a “dead project”?
  • Which plugin is the most common?

Here are a few tracks to carry when you want to get in the vast catalog offered by WordPress. Many do not pose these questions certainly, but I recommend you to ask yourself these questions constantly. Before deploying plugins in production, you should go through a “test phase”?

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