Do you really want to increase traffic to your Blog? Here are the tricks

A blog, much like a website, thrives on traffic. When you have a big enough readership, you establish a more solid online presence, increase trafficwhich is always a significant achievement, the purpose of your blog notwithstanding. Creating a popular blog requires a hefty time investment, though you can achieve results much faster by applying proven tactics that increase the traffic flow to your blog.

Build Your Online Presence

Your blog anchors on who you are, not as a writer, or blogger, but as a person. Ensure that you are on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, and that you are active. By building your online persona, you become a presence in the social scene, and your readers will be able to keep up with you easily.

Reach Out

The purpose of this is to get people to acknowledge your existence and that of your blog. Make contributions to websites that are authorities in your niche. Write guests posts in other blogs, and allow other bloggers to do the same. If there is a community where your target audience congregates, make sure you are an active member.

Don’t Disregard the Basics

Tens of blogging tips are shared online, and most of them echo the same message. Use of SEO, proper use of grammar, creating unique, interesting blog posts and posting them timely, doing sufficient keyword research, social bookmarking- these are some of the tips you should follow in creating a good blog.

Use Analytics for Stats

Dedicating so much effort to improving traffic flow to your blog would is rather pointless if you don’t have detailed information on the traffic in the first place. Google Analytics will give you detailed reports on keyword performance, the main source of traffic, conversion rates, and so on. It’s an indispensable tool that will enable you to know where you are succeeding, and where you aren’t.

I hope these tips will help you in a better way for increasing traffic to your Blog. We are hearing you, feel free to share your views..

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  1. cricketbash says:

    Pretty valid points there, well written.. It’s motivating.. My tblog could not muster enough readership as I wasn’t regular and timely (whteva b d problms)

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