There is good money in blogging but only if one does it in the correct manner. Basically, there are two main pillars of success in blogging; namely consistency and planning. With these two, blogging will surely bear the fruits you expect. Below are some tips that will help you implement the two according in your blog and finally help you to make money in blogging.

Daily Blogging

You should have a fresh blog post posted on a daily basis. Do not however limit yourself to just one blog post per day. You do as many as 5 in a day if time and resources allow. As a matter of fact, the more the blog posts on a daily basis the better for you and your blog, and finally to make money in blogging.

The key here is to make your blog relevant and increase its presence online. This way, your market share will gradually increase hence an increase in traffic. Make sure that the blog posts are however based on long-tailed keywords.

Build a reliable email list

Just like it is in online marketing, the same applies to blogging as a business. The money is in the kind of Email list you build. Make sure that the blog has a specific area set aside for visitor to drop in their email addresses and enquire for regular updates. Once you build a proper relationship with your huge email list, then you can find it easier to make money in blogging. You can earn by simply sending out emails daily!

Syndicate your content

Majority of bloggers normally sit around and wait for search engines to lead visitors in the way of their blogs. It is up to you to take your content to the people and what better way of doing that other than by syndicating the blog posts.

Social media outlets are the best in this case. Go for popular social sites such as Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.

Affiliate bloggers programs

In this day and time, it is a must for bloggers, to make money in blogging, to go about affiliate blogging. Promote affiliate programs that are more likely to fit nicely with the exact type of visitors you expect in your blog. However, do not expect low ticket ClickBank eBooks to be the key; go for high ticket affiliate programs for better results.

Blogger and Money in Blogging

Now that the internet has become a major part of the society, there are countless means of making money online. Some are legit while some are not. As an upright entrepreneur, you will obviously go for the legit ways among which blogging should be at the top of your list. Follow the above tips and move ahead to make money in blogging.