How to install WordPress on Wampserver?

Don’t you have own Webserver to install WordPress on it?

Do you want to learn WordPress with its full range of plugins?

Do you Want to work with WordPress in your Pc itslef?

The best solution is WampServer. What is WampServer? WampServer is a web server package which offers you to configure MySql, PHP and Apache in your local machine so that it acts as a live Web Server. Where i will download WampServer?

WampServer is a freeware and it can be downloaded into any local machine easily, it’s very user friendly for those who’re not familier with management of Server. Having WampServer in your computer allows you to test your work offline. Even if you don’t have Internet access, you can access the WampServer and Improve your experience.

This post will help you to install and Configure WordPress on WampServer on your local machine.

Here it will cover following topics:

1. Download WampServer and Install it

2. LocalHost Webserver

3. Create a Directory for Website Files

4. Creating the WordPress MySQL Database

5. Install  WordPress

Follow the following instructions to install WordPress on WampServer in your local machine.

1. Download WampServer and Install it

First of all, get yourself a Wampserver Installation file by Clicking the WampServer download Page:

When you click on the above link you will be taken to the download site. Make sure that you have chosen the appropriate version of WampServer and Download the WampServer according to your Operating System.


By downloading  WampServer , you will be installing

  • Apache 2.2.11
  • PHP 5.3.0
  • MySQL 5.1.36
  • phpMyAdmin


After downloading, run the installer.

Click Next past the first screen and agree to the license agreement.

2. LocalHost Webserver

After installing WampServer, oper your local host by typing http://localhost in your Browser. If the wampserver configuration page open means, you can sure that WampServer is installed Correctly.


3. Create a Directory for Website Files

All you have to do is that create a Folder in c:wampwww. Suppose if you create a directory names as “sample”, then the files inside it can be accessed by typing http://localhost/sample . To navigate into the project directly, open the directry on wamp/www/directry_name.

4. Creating the WordPress MySQL Database

Inorder to Install WordPress on the WampServer, you have to create Database for wordpress blog. To create Database navigate to http://localhost and then click on the phpmyadmin link towards the bottom of the Server Configuration screen, under Your Aliases.  After phpMyAdmin gets launched, create a new database (example: db_001) but I advise you to name it something else so that you reduce the chances of a successful bruteforce MySQL attack.

5. Install  WordPress

Download WordPress from and Unzip it in wamp/ www /sample Folder in your local machine. Now navigate to and follow the wizard to setup WordPress.

Complete the Wizard.

Note:  Enter the Database name which you have created. Enter Database User: root and Leave password Empty.

Hope this article “How to Install WordPress on WAMPServer” helps you.

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