Golden rules for other sites to link us – Link Building

As much as in recent years Google has fought for against buying / selling links and manipulation of search results from precisely this link-buildingdistortion of Page Rank with posting links unnatural, it is true that the strategies When getting links have not changed, although we must bear in mind that it is better to work hard to get natural links from other Web sites that buy them.

There is no doubt that great content with great quality, will naturally attract links , and depending on the strength and visibility own Web site where the content appears, it is true that the effort in advertising and promotion would be really low.

Today we delve into a brief guide for users who are lost after the arrival of Google Penguin , and offer some simple tips to get links naturally and easily a breeze:

4 Golden rules for other sites to link us

1. Watch your content and write on forums or social networks : publish quality content ensures that your website or blog will be a site respected by many. And how much more interesting and care is undoubtedly more users share it on forums or in their profiles of social networks.

2. If you pursue getting links make sure it’s worth your time and effort : we must ask whether the link will be beneficial to our site and if someone will actually click on it to visit. If so, a link is amazing, great.

3. If your marketing strategy goes only to buy bonds, it will fail : not a good idea if we have monthly budget, dedicate it exclusively to buy bonds. Maybe you thought about the possibility of allocating that money to hire writers to create quality content, build a community around your Web site or to optimize it? The results will be better.

4. Backup plan if you are penalized : If your Web site is penalized, no doubt long before you have a backup plan, especially if you follow strategies that-know-are risky. If you plan to buy such links, consider whether actually be penalized if you will continue to receive a number of interesting views from other sites other than Google.

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