How to Blog? A Guide for the Beginners

how to blog

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So you have finally decided to join the blogosphere! Good. Have you started your own blog? It is a good effort, but now you have got to deal with the challenge of how to blog. The good news is that it is far from complicated. Blogging is as easy as it is fun. Read through this post to find some tips on how to blog.

Step I- Set Up Your Own Blog

For most people, a free blog is the way to go. It does not cost a thing and you still get a decent enough blog that you can share with the world. Blogger provides one of the loveliest graphical user interfaces, while WordPress has a lot of customization options. If you are more interested in the arts, Tumblr will do. If you want to make short posts, you can always try microblogging with Twitter. All these platforms guide you through the set up phase.

Step II- Decide on the purpose of your blog

A blog can be anything you wish it to be. While this freedom casts your net really wide, focus on what your particular interests are. For instance, if you are into fashion, make it a fashion blog, if you are into fitness and healthy eating, make it a healthy blog. Once you decide on the purpose, everything else falls into place easily.

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Step III- Publish

A blog can be described as a collection of discrete posts. Basically, these posts are the lifeline of your blog, so you need to publish regularly. Content creation rules should apply. In other words, make sure your writing is free of grammatical errors, non-plagiarized, and interesting to read. Posts should be short, lively, creative and without formality. It becomes easier to attract an audience that way.

Step IV- Connect

Unless your blog is a personal memoir, or a way to keep up with family, you should consider publicizing it. Recommend friends to read your posts on your social networks, and link up with other bloggers in your niche. You can also use SEO to market your blog if you want to extend your reach past your social circles.

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This is the basic guideline on how to blog. You can have as many blog as you can manage, and as long as you remain active, you’ll easily get a readership.

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