How Google Updates Affects your SEO Strategy

SEO activities have become an integral part of online promotions, equipping businesses with brand visibility enhancement. There haveseo strategy been numerous websites that have gained page ranking and thus known to the people who were looking for the kind of services that these businesses were providing. SEO strategies undertake various methods to improve ranking on the search engines like Google, MSN, Bing, Yahoo, etc. However, there are certain methods that website or blog owners have to ditch now to comply with the Panda and Penguin updates from Google. This was an attempt to bring only quality content to the user.

What should not be done

Now, in order to be in the good books of Google, following are the things you must avoid at all cost:

1. Filling Keywords at every instance

It is a common thing that is understood as the hit maker in SEO but it should not be over used. With the launch of the updates, all the websites that have been involved in stuffing of the keywords are fined and penalized.

2. “Bad” Landing pages

Empty landing pages or pages with less content can land you in trouble in the eyes of Google as this is also an aspect of SEO that is the reason of putting your website in the list of “bad” websites or defaulters.

3. Loads of Extra Links

It was also a practice to put too many extra links directing to your landing pages having the anchor text. There is no need left for having them in huge numbers because Google algorithms will redirect only the first one of the particular link.

4. Degraded Quality of Content

Put only the best of the content on your website because this is what will be considered not anything or everything that you will paste on the website. Google can easily spots websites with bad content and remove them from the consideration of the ranking on Google page.

There are some other activities that you should avoid like having a different page for every keyword, misusing title tags using them for spam, footer links and things like that, which have contributed in over SEO optimization intentionally or otherwise.

What is to be done

1. Remove the unnatural links

Though the work is huge but could not be avoided. You need to make out the list of such links and sort according to many priorities and remove that you are suspecting of being “bad”.

2. Improve content of the pages

This is done by keeping readers of your site in mind and not just the search engine. Decreasing the ratio of keywords is also a way to make your content look better.

3. Optimize the inner pages

Homepage is the focus of every SEO but optimizing the inner pages also makes sense for the targeted customers and search engine as well.

4. Focus more on Social Media

Building a business profile on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ will eventually pay you in the Google ranking. Putting orientation in that has also seen to be paying out.

There are other things like micro blogging, forum posting, classified website submissions, etc that have also shown proven results. So now you know which way your SEO strategy should move!

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