Five Google Adsense alternatives

Google Adsense is supposed to be the best source of income for bloggers but most of the bloggers have problem in getting their Google Adsense account activated.

Now then the question arises “What should a blogger do till his Google Adsense account get activated”? What can be the Google Adsense Alternative?

Let me discuss my experience – When I started my first blog it took 5 months in getting my Google Adsense activated. Then I started using other programs for making some money and believe me I earned sufficient money which was enough for my pocket money and I was able to pay my Internet bill also.

Here I will discuss with you the few alternatives for Google Adsense I used and if your Adsense account approval is also getting delayed believe me these will help you also.

google adsense alternatives


An in-text advertising program. Account will be approved with-in 24 hours.

Minimum Pay-out: $50


Offers various sizes of Adspace:

Full page advertising

Vertical Banners: 728 x 90, 468×60

Vertical: 120 x 600 Skyscraper, 160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper, 300 x 600 Half Page Ad

Square: 180 x 150 Rectangle, 300 x 250 Medium Rectange.

Account gets approved in 24-48 hours.

Minimum Pay-out: $100


Three different advertisement plans available:

Chitika Premium

Chitika Local Ads Exchange

Mobile Ads

Minimum Pay-out: $50


Best thing about Bidvertiser is You get Ads from those advertisers who have highest bids.

Minimum Pay-out: $10


Offers in-text advertising.

Minimum Pay-out: $50

I hope this article will help you in earning a good money.

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  1. raj kumar says:

    hey its lovely and very nice source to our pocket

    • admin says:

      Hi Raj Thanks for your comment. As many bloggers face problem when their adsense account got banned and then these alternatives come in picture.

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