How to find a Sponsor for your Blog : Effective Ways

Every Blogger dreams of having sponsors on his blog probably you also and that’s why you are here! Today I shall discuss with you How you can find a sponsor for your Blog.

Any Blogger can find an Advertiser:

First of all believe in yourself, do not think your Blog is not big enough to get a sponsor. I do think that any Blog can get an Advertiser find a sponsorprovided to look in the right context. If you are a beginner, try to sell advertising space for a small fee as young companies often emphasize on visibility and if your blog niche is according to them, they may get ready to work with you. Asking few dollars for advertising space may seem low but I hope it will be far better than your Adsense income.

Be Active on your Blog:

Why a person will give you an outfit, obviously to be seen for its brand, product or logo. So it is very important to show activeness on your Blog that puts your ahead. No need to make tons: 2-3 articles (quality articles) per week are sufficient to show that you are active and available to reply sponsors.

Show some activeness on Social Networks also:

This goes along with your blog. You must be active on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Linkedin, stumbleupon etc… etc… This will increase your visibility and your impact on sponsors.

Study your Competitors:

Haven’t you got any sponsor yet? Just have a look at your competitors, who sponsors them? Try to contact them. Moreover, searching your keywords in Google will show advertisements also at the top of the page or at the right side of the page. Just watch who is offering these adwords and try to contact them.

Do not be Greedy:

Do not go for much height at least initially. If the corner store offers 50% on your gear, it’s huge, Why to go too far. I hope you understood what I am trying to say.

Show Clearly what you can offer:

What do you offer to sponsors? Show clearly: banner on the blog, blog posts, articles or whatever… so that the sponsors can easily make out whether they can get their desired things from you or not.

At last Promote your Sponsors also:

You might be thinking why to promote the sponsor as he is already an advertiser, but if you promote him then it will attract more sponsors and you may get more deals. For promotion, you can write some article about the sponsor or you can add his link somewhere in the middle of the post.

What are your views, Let us know in the comment section below; We are always hearing you…

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  1. Enstine says:

    Thank you very much dear author for your tips. I hope it will help me as well as other bloggers also.

    • admin says:

      Enstine, Thanks for your comment. We have tried to share our knowledge to the best.

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