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A blog’s name holds much importance as it provides its identity. Picking an ideal title is a difficult task, as it is a representation of what title for your blogthe blog has to offer. If you are starting a blog for your business, the title can be the name of the business. Stand-alone blogs, on the other hand, need a unique title.

What then, is the process of creating the ideal blog title? For some, the exercise is a simple one, but for most, it’s a task that requires a lot of thought, more so who are just warming up to the idea of having a blog. The situation is not made easier by the millions of blogs and websites, which have already taken up all simple, straightforward titles. With this guide, however, you can find out how to come up with the perfect blog name.

Two Simple steps and you will be having a mind blasting Title for your Blog:

Understand what the blog will offer

It’s critical that you understand exactly what your blog will offer. Know everything- from the niche it will be set in, to the kind of tone that the content will have as well as the audience you are going to target. Remember, blogs are friendly, and unconstrained by formalities seen in corporate websites. Case in point, if the blog will be set in fitness, the target audience should be fitness enthusiasts. The title should symbolize this. It should be specific, catchy, search engine friendly, and have no more than 80 characters or four words.

Create a long list of blog names

Sometimes, you just have to let your imagination flow through you. Write down any probable name that comes to mind. Don’t disregard any that you can think of, even if it’s unlikely that you will select it. If you find it hard to start, use a random name generator to give you some ideas. You can visit other blogs or online magazines in the same industry to find inspiration. By collecting different names, the kind of name that you want starts becoming clearer.

Once you have a list, test the titles to see what kind of reception they receive. Considering that the title will be permanent, it is critical to make sure you get it right the first time. Consult with others to determine the appropriateness of the name. If it truly denotes everything that your blog will stand for and is realistic, only then can you settle for it.

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    It’s very important that you find the right words that you can use for your blog title because it will determine the success of your post and if readers will find your content informative, attractive and useful.

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