How to Boost Up your Blog – Blogging Tips

Once you have got the hang of blogging, there are a number of ways to give your postings a bit more razzmatazz.


Sharing links is a great way to give your blog some added exposure as well as give it a bit more relevance. Google and other search blogging-tipsengine sites rank will rank you higher if you have lots of links to other sites. Even better is if you can have links of your blog on other sites. If you are a serious blogger you can ask webmasters on other sides to host clips of your blog. This will help draw traffic to your blog site as well as improve your search engine ranking depending on the popularity of the webmaster’s site.

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Links also show that you have done research adding weight to your opinions. In addition, they give your readership, even mobile users, a helping hand if they want to explore the topic you discussed further. Blog readers that like to see evidence of research and indeed other recommended sites are likely to be more regular bloggers and as such can regularly help boost traffic to your blogsite. Furthermore, regular blog readers are more likely to share your blog with other readers giving your blog site’s traffic a further boost.

Be Interactive

Commenting on other blogs or other social media postings can also help draw interest. In particular, readers love to see an argument and if you can get a more well-known writer to engage with you on your blog then you should see a substantial boost in your blog’s popularity. One blogger, who regularly attracted a couple of thousand followers, criticised a politician on his blog page. His comments were repeated by some of his followers and eventually reached the politician’s twitter account. He then criticised the blogger on his own twitter account and on the blogger’s twitter account the result was that thousands of the politician’s followers then went on the blogger’s site and twitter account. Only leave constructive criticism and not abuse to ensure you maintain your blog’s reputation and credibility.

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Keep it punchy

Online readers tend to have a shorter attention span than print readers. In fact, you are doing very well if you have even read this far! That is partly because it is so easy to access information with just a click of the mouse. You need to grip your readership much quicker and with greater regularity than you would normally do as a result.

Maybe get a little of The Sun ( in your diet, perhaps a little toned down if you feel queasy. A nice little byline can also help draw the reader in. Short snappy paragraphs also help, particularly at the beginning of the article, when the reader is still undecided about whether to last till the end.

Tone of voice is also important. Blogs by their nature are more personal than print or web content normally would be. You need to make yourself appeal to the reader on a personal level. A slightly chattier style of writing can make your readership more inclined to be interested in your opinion and even comfortable to engage with you in a comments section or on your twitter account.

Get Gravitas with a Gravatar

Having your own gravatar, personalized icon, can strengthen your brand immeasurably. Serious readers will immediately take you more seriously. It shows a little more effort and commitment. More importantly it also allows the reader to visualize you and your characteristics. This makes it easier to remember you and if you are active on commenting on other blogs in the same sphere then you will become more recognizable.

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