Blogging Platform Comparison- Blogger Vs WordPress

Blogger Vs WordPress – which one is the best blogging platform?

blogger vs wordpress


Well, Blogger and WordPress are the two reigning platforms in the blogosphere. They boast the largest number of users, an unsurprising fact considering how well supported they are.

Blogger enjoys Google support, meaning niceties such as Google+ Integration, AdSense support, and Analytics tool come available out of the box. WordPress on the other hand has a huge developer support, meaning things such as plug-ins are provided abundantly.

Both these platforms have a lot to offer, so is there really an overall winner? It is hard to give an outright answer since every blogger will attest to the merits of each. That said let us see how the two stack up against each other.

Blogger over WordPress

Ease of set-up

The inexperienced blogger will find it easier to get started on Blogger than on WordPress. Templates and themes are more easily accessible, and getting started takes less on Blogger.

Google Advantage

It’s important to reiterate Google’s integration into Blogger. Publishing your posts on Google+ is easy, and if SEO is on your mind, it will be much easier to get results on this platform.

Ease of monetization

Should you ever want to make money with your blog, it’s extremely easy with Blogger. There are no restrictions, and the availability of AdSense makes it that much more convenient.


Blogger is less prone to spam attacks, and overall, is less vulnerable than WordPress.

Blogger Vs WordPress – WordPress over Blogger


If you’re planning to invest in the long term, WordPress is a preferable to Blogger. The robust developer support provides you with more widgets and plugins than you can possibly make use of. Likewise, if you are thinking of self-hosting your blog, WordPress is more suitable.


Customization options are more abundant on WordPress. Experienced bloggers will find there are many more options to explore.


A WordPress blog has a more professional appeal and outlook than one hosted on Blogger. In line with that, it is more suitable to business blogs.

Clearly, both these platforms have a lot to offer, as the aforementioned points are only a tip of the iceberg. The best platform is ultimately, the one that can most effortlessly serve your end goals. It is totally upon your needs and choice to decide which platform will work you the best. So, choose the best blogging platform and make your blogs successful.

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  1. cedrict says:

    I use both platforms, and both rank very well in google. I give a slight edge to blogger because you rank easy for keywords and normally don’t fall out of the results easy. I still have articles on the first page of google that have been there over 2 years.

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