Blogger- Is It the Best Blogging Website?

Among the many blogging websites available right now, Blogger and WordPress are in the top two. And while the debate on which platform is superior rages on, there is no denying the offerings of each are compelling depending on the kind of blogging needs you have.

Blogger is owned by Google, and that alone is enough to convince some. The kind of integration you get is convenient, since Blogs hosted on the platform are integrated with other Google services such as Google+. But this is just one reason why Blogger is among the best. Here are more reasons to choose Blogger as one of the best platforms for blogging.

Blogger has Easy Set-Up with Tons of Features

Compared to other platforms, setting up a free blog on Blogger is very easy. Beginners will find the learning curve to be very smooth.  There are a ton of designs, templates and widgets to choose from. The whole process is easy, and getting your blog up and running should take no more than a few minutes.

Blogger is Inexpensive

If you decide to hook your domain, it will not cost you a thing, unlike WordPress where you have to part with $10. Also as hosting limits apply for images and video, you can easily upgrade to 20GB of space for $5 a year, which is more than fair.

Blogger and Google Analytics

One of the better parts of hosting your blog on Blogger is you get a free Google Analytics tool to help you understand the performance of your blog. The keeps tabs on the number of page views your blog gets, as well as the primary sources of traffic. It’s very important if one of your primary goals is to publicize your blog.

Blogger and SEO

Thanks to the support Blogger gets from Google, your SEO job is made easier. Your optimization efforts are more likely to yield organic results than with other platforms.

Blogger and MAB support

Multi-author blogger support is pretty mainstream now, but with Blogger, it’s much more convenient. You can allow as many as 100 authors on your blog, while you alone maintain the administrative aspects. In other words, you have control over what other authors can do.

WordPress may be more suitable to seasoned bloggers with its robust developer support, but in terms of sheer simplicity, aesthetics and affordability, Blogger stands unbeaten.

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  1. cedrict says:

    I use blogger and love it. It still takes the same work as it would on wordpress or any other platform, but as you said because it is owned by google you can rank well for very competitive keywords. I use blogger to help me with my actual website. I blog and because of the analytic on blogger it tells me what keyword people are using to get to articles. I then write detail articles on my website using that keyword and wind up on the first page within a week.

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