Finding the Best Blogging Websites for you to create a blog

There is an abundance of blogging websites, as you are probably aware. What might not be so obvious however is that each of these websites is uniquely suited to different types of blogs? So if you are thinking of starting a photo blog, or a healthy living blog, your options won’t necessarily be the same. That said the purpose you intend for your blog should guide you into selecting the right blogging websites.blogging websites Collection-Of-Blogging-Platforms

Here are the most popular blogging websites listed with their strengths:

WordPress- For Versatility

WordPress stands unbeaten as the most versatile blogging website. The customization options are robust, and the themes available are truly profound. Experienced bloggers prefer WordPress because its offerings are more suitable to those who understand the intricacies of blogging. Developer support is perhaps most impressive with WordPress. This makes it easy to extend the functionality of your WordPress blog with the many plug-ins provided. Hence it is one of the best blogging websites nowadays.

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Blogger- For Google 

Blogger remains one of the most widely used platforms, and its main attraction lies in its integration with Google. While it still offers a long list of customization options, themes, and affordable upgrades, it is the ease of use when it comes to other Google services like Picasa, Drive, and Google+ that ultimately makes it appealing. For a photo journalist, or a travel blogger, Blogger is ideal. Upgrading to 20GB of memory is also surprisingly cheap, so photo-centric bloggers need look no further. It is considered by some as one of the top blogging websites, and by many as the only choice of a blogging platform.

Tumblr- For sharing photos, quotes and text

Tumblr is a leading short blogging platform that is really intuitive. With a colossal user base, Tumblr supports photo snippets in a way no other blogging website does. Other niceties such as customizable themes are offered. While the simplicity of Tumblr blogs is alluring, it’s the ease of sharing simple texts and funny photos that makes it popular. Tubmlr competes with the giants of blogging platforms and gained prominence as one of the best blogging websites by many blooggers.

Posterous- For easy, quick posts

For mobile bloggers, Posterous is more suitable. It is an uncomplicated blogging website, which is ideal for beginners who don’t need the whole laundry list of customization options. Posterous provides the easiest way to publish and maintain a blog. Experienced bloggers might find the simplicity too limiting though. However, it stands as a competitor in the competition of best blogging websites.

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