5 Easy Ways to Become a Better Blogger

Once you’ve mastered the basics of blogging, you might want to start thinking about ways in which you can improve your blog. Here are five easy ways in which you can work to become a better blogger.

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1. Web Design

Content is, by far, the most important thing on your blog. However, if you’re looking for key ways in which to improve visitor experience, then you will also want to think carefully about the design features which you have in place. Are they suitable for and relevant to the style of blog which you are writing? Are the pages of your blog attractive and easy to navigate? If not, think about what could help to change this.

2. Motivation

Often, bloggers can get hung up on how many people visit their site and the commercial value of each post. Whilst it is good to be aware of the type of blog posts which attract readers, it is unwise to make this the sole motivation for writing each piece. If you are passionate about the topic about which you are blogging, then this will show. Becoming a better blogger doesn’t simply involve boosting your readership figures, and if this becomes your main focus then it is likely to put people off reading.

3. Originality

There are a huge number of bloggers out there, all of whom are keen to get themselves heard. One good way to become a better blogger is to make yourself stand out from the crowd. If you are already blogging about a particularly popular topic, then think about how you might take an alternative approach. Take a unique stance in your blogging style or opinions, rather than simply jumping on the same bandwagons as your fellow bloggers.

4. Quality

You might be aware of the need to post regularly, but this doesn’t mean that you should compromise on quality. One simple way to become a better blogger is to scrub up on your spelling and grammar, and to properly format every post before it is published. Don’t rush your posts in an attempt to be the first to go live with exciting news or information. Short entries are fine, but the quality should remain consistent.

5. Accessibility

More and more people are now reading blogs on their smartphones or tablet devices. Therefore, another way in which you you can look to improve as a blogger is to ensure that your blog is fully accessible via the mobile web, and that accessing posts in this way doesn’t effect the formatting or load times of your blog.

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