4 Infographics Promotion Strategies To Reach Out To Potential Customers

Infographics Promotion Strategies

infographics promotion strategies

With search engines giving priority to websites with great and compelling content, infographics have become the ideal tool for online businesses and SEO experts to represent information about their products and services in a creative and attractive way. Promoting your infographics in a strategic way not only increases your chances of establishing your brand and going viral, but also helps you build more backlinks. With multiple infographics posted on the web daily, it can take substantial time and effort to get your inforgraphics the attention it deserves. Therefore, you need to adopt the following 4 infographics promotion strategies to reach out to potential customers.

Submit Optimized Press Releases

The best part about SEO optimized press releases is that they improve search engine rankings, visibility and traffic to your site. Moreover, press release offers a perfect way to describe your infographic. Hundreds of press releases are published every day, so it is important to write a high quality press release. Write a persuasive and compelling lead as most people will use it to determine whether or not to read the rest of the press release. Although it’s a bit tempting to copy the flow of other press releases, don’t do it as most press releases have a boring template. Bring out your creative personality and create a hook that will compel people to read your remarkable story.

When writing, keep the problems, interests and needs of your audience in mind by highlighting how the infographics will solve their problems. Internet users who find your press release through search will want to see the killer headline reflected in the release. Therefore, ensure it is useful, meaningful and relevant. Use websites, such as PRWeb, PR Leap, PR Free and PR Newswire, to create and submit optimized press releases.

Adopt a manual outreach

Anyone who has ever done manual email link building outreach certainly knows how difficult it is. But fortunately, it’s quite easier with infographics. Basically, there are two major ways of carrying out manual outreach campaigns for your infographics; blogs and Twitter accounts. Use Technorati and Google blog search to look for blogs that create content with similar topics as your infographics. List them down and then send emails informing them about the infographics. Request them to share the infographics with their visitors by embedding it on their blog or tweeting it to their readers. Ensure the embed code is included in the email.

Not everybody blogs but there are many people with Twitter accounts. Use the Twitter search feature to look for keywords and topics related to your infographics. If you find such keywords, send direct messages to the users and tell them about your infographics. Some users will share the infographics while others won’t. Therefore, ensure you send as many messages as possible.

Encourage Sharing 

When promoting your infographics, it is important to encourage any form of sharing possible. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to add clearly visible and easy-to-use social media sharing buttons. If you are running WordPress, you can use some excellent social sharing plugins which make it easy for your visitors to share the content, such as Active Share; which looks great and is unobtrusive while still encouraging users to engage through social media platforms.

However, if your website is not based on WordPress, then you will have to visit individual platforms to get the HTML code for every button; which you can then add simply through the WYSIWYG platform or the text editor. You also need to add a Call-To-Action to your post encouraging people to share the infographics. Adding an embed code to your infographics ensures that anyone who reposts or shares the infographics would link back to you. Moreover, it makes it easy for your visitors to put the infographics on their own website.

Influencer Outreach

Influencer outreach plays an important part in any successful infographic marketing campaign. Influencers refer to people or websites with the most pull or reach in any particular area; be it technology, search, finance, gaming etc. If you get the attention of one or even more of these people or websites, you will dramatically increase the reach of your infographics, in terms of inbound links, social media shares and non-linking reposts, which may be tracked later in the marketing campaign.

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