20 fascinating facts about Twitter

It seems incredible, but Twitter,  the social network without which it is almost impossible to conceive of media, politics and many aspects of our daily lives, has only six years of life.

Perhaps for this reason, despite its growing popularity, Twitter is still in many ways a great unknown.

Did you know that the majority of Twitter users are between 25 and 34 years (28.4%)? 

Age group with the largest presence in the popular micro-blogging network is between 35 and 44 years (26%)? 

As many of us are on Twitter and that’s why to fill the gaps in your knowledge we have collected the following data . So here are some interesting Facts about Twitter:

1. Twitter was originally baptized with the name Twttr .facts about twitter

2. The  32% of Internet users are tweeters.

3. Today Twitter has a daily average of 6.9 million active users.

4. It took three years, two months and one day to cross the barrier of one billion tweets.

5. Today Twitter sends around  340 million tweets daily worldwide.

6. A Twitter user has 126 followers on average.

7. The marks are on average 14,709 followers on Twitter.

8. The brand with the highest number of followers on Twitter is YouTube, with over 22 million followers.

9.  Lady Gaga  is the person with the highest number of followers on Twitter: more than 33 million.

10. 50% of Twitter users access Twitter via mobile .

11. In 2012 half a million new accounts were opened each day .

12. Around 60% of Twitter users are women .

13. Twitter is a social network fleeting. Its users invest in it about 21 minutes a month.

14. 40% of Twitter users have not yet sent any tweet .

15. The infographics are 83% more retweeted than images and text articles.

16. The tweet about Obama’s victory last November was the most retweeted message on Twitter, with over 800,000 re-tweets.

17. The average Twitter user has tweeted 307 times.

18.  McDonald’s  employs ten workers tweeting on behalf of the company.

19. Twitter is currently available in  over 25 languages.

20. Twitter has today an estimated value of more than  11,000 million .

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    Around 60% of Twitter users are women, This is quite interesting.

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      You are right Raj its quite interesting.

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