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My blog for adult women is about London, regional products and fast, healthy recipes. In addition, I write about relaxed quality-conscious Styling and the lifestyle above 40.

At London I like the lively creativity, the understatement, the unperfectness and the many possibilities that arise from it. I always feel (still) what!

I like self made, small labels and products with a history. It fascinates me when someone makes something with love and passion. Again and again these are mainly women, whose story(s) I tell here on the blog.

What I do in real life? I’m organizing events and trips, for the social media channels of companies create content and advise companies in collaboration with bloggers.

What can you find on my above 40 lifestyle blog:

The monthly column in which I write about concerts, readings and parties for adult women. Our mantra: down from the Sofa and into life! Going out above 40, that goes with family too. You should know, for you is with marketing, two kids, husband and house with both legs in life and in everyday life. Still, she’s on the screen, what’s going on in London.

Posts by Conni, mama, radio journalist and garden junkie – see here, here or here.

Beautiful pictures of Catrin from London, who repeatedly writes guest articles for beautiful life.

So. And now You:

I’m happy when you’re part of beautiful life. My blog is supposed to put a smile on your face, delight you.

You like to write to me, because I’m happy like doll and crazy! Also write to me, if you see things different than me-it’s about exchange when blogging. However, I think it’s just like real life: respect and courtesy are important to me!